Duration: 2 days
Time: 9am to 5.30pm

What Will Be Taught For This Advanced Powerpoint Presentation Course?

This course introduces the participant to the more advanced features of Microsoft PowerPoint 2019. The participant will learn about customizing slide layouts, working with master slides as well as creating custom charts. At the end of the course, the participant will be able to demonstrate the ability to produce professional presentations quickly and easily.

Module 1. Customizing Presentations

  • Creating a Custom Layout
  • Applying a Theme
  • Applying a Background Style
  • Saving a Custom Theme
  • Practice - Customizing Presentations

Module 2. Using SmartArt and Illustrations

  • Inserting a SmartArt Object
  • Formatting a SmartArt
  • Adding Shapes to SmartArt Object
  • Inserting Icons
  • Inserting 3D Models
  • Setting 3D Models Views
  • Practice

Module 3. Adding Transitions and Animations

  • Adding Slide Transition
  • Setting Animation Timing
  • Animating A Chart
  • Inserting Sounds and Video
  • Audio options
  • Adding Transition Morph
  • Practice

Module 4. Using Tables

  • Creating a PowerPoint Table
  • Inserting a PowerPoint Table
  • Drawing a PowerPoint Table
  • Inserting a Word Table
  • Inserting an Excel Spreadsheet
  • Adjusting Table Cells
  • Selecting Rows and Columns
  • Inserting Rows and Columns
  • Applying a Table Style
  • Editing the Table Color
  • Adding Table Effects
  • Formatting Table Text using QuickStyles
  • Adding Table Borders
  • Practice - Using Tables

Module 5. Inserting a Photo Album

  • Inserting Pictures from a File
  • Adding Captions
  • Applying a Theme to your Album
  • Customizing the Album Layout
  • Practice - Inserting a Photo Album

Module 6. Setting Up the Slide Show

  • Setting Automatic Slide Timings
  • Setting Up a Continuous Loop
  • Hiding a Slide
  • Rehearsing Slide Transition Timings
  • Practice - Setting Up the Slide Show

Module 7. Using Slide Show View

  • Running a Slide Show
  • Navigating a Slide Show
  • Creating a Custom Show
  • Practice - Using Slide Show View

Module 8. Expanding a Slide Show

  • Creating a Custom Show
  • Setting Up a Custom Show as the Default
  • Creating a Hyperlink
  • Using a Hyperlink
  • Using an Action
  • Jumping to Another Presentation
  • Practice - Expanding a Slide Show

Module 9. Editing Presentation Masters

  • Working with the Slide Master
  • Formatting the Slide Master
  • Adding Header and Footer Information
  • Formatting the Title Master
  • Inserting a New Slide Master
  • Preserving a Slide Master
  • Practice - Editing Presentation Masters

Module 10. Creating Custom Charts

  • Displaying Chart Axes
  • Displaying Chart Gridlines
  • Formatting Chart Gridlines
  • Formatting Chart Axes
  • Formatting the Scale of an Axis
  • Adding a Chart Title
  • Changing the Data Series
  • Adding a Drawing Object to a Chart
  • Adding Text to a Chart
  • Inserting a Data Table
  • Practice - Creating Custom Charts

Module 11. Editing Charts

  • Formatting the Chart Data Markers
  • Repositioning the Legend
  • Formatting the 3-D View of a Chart
  • Exploding a Pie Chart
  • Practice - Editing Charts

Module 12. Exporting Outlines and Slides

  • Exporting Notes and Handouts to Word
  • Exporting an Outline to Word
  • Saving a Presentation as an Outline
  • Saving a Slide as a Graphic
  • Practice - Exporting Outlines and Slides

Module 13. Presenting to a Wider Audience

  • Sharing Presentation Ideas
  • Embedding the Fonts in a Presentation
  • Packaging a Presentation for CD
  • Using the PowerPoint Viewer
  • Formatting a Presentation for the Web
  • Inspecting the Document
  • Encrypting the Presentation
  • Adding a Digital Signature
  • Granting Permissions
  • Annotating a Presentation
  • Compressing Pictures
  • Sending in PDF Format
  • Practice - Presenting to a Wider Audience

Who Should Attend This Powerpoint Training Course?

Designed for both Beginner and Intermediate PowerPoint users who desire a more expert grasp of the programme’s functions to prepare high-quality data analysis, graphical charts and dynamic slideshows.


Participants who have attended the Microsoft PowerPoint 2019 Basic & Intermediate course would have an added advantage.

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Course Fee $450 $481.50


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  • VILT: Virtual Instructor-Led Training
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  • Sat: Saturday
  • Wkn: Weekend
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