Duration: 1 day / 7.5 hours
Time: 9am to 5.30pm
Course Code: CRS-N-0048598
TPGateway Course Code: TGS-2020502524

Funding available for this course :

SkillsFuture Credit PSEA UTAP Broad based Funding





What Will Be Taught For This Microsoft Excel 2019 Course?

In this course, the participant will be introduced to the more intermediate features of Microsoft Excel 2019. The participant will learn how to generate reports from Excel data. The course also shows the participant how to highlight important data using conditional formats, prevent date entry errors using Data Validation. At the end of the course, the participant will be able to demonstrate the ability to manage data efficiently with Microsoft Excel 2019.

Module 1. Working with Databases
  • Creating Subtotals in a List
  • Removing Subtotals from a List
  • Insert Slicer
  • Sorting Data by Multiple Levels
  • Using Custom Sort
  • Using Data Validation
  • Validating Data using a List
  • Creating a Custom Error Message
  • Removing Data Validation
  • Using Flash Fill
  • Labs
Module 2. Using Templates
  • Saving a Workbook as a Template
  • Using a Template
  • Editing a Template
  • Inserting a New Worksheet
  • Hiding/Unhiding a Worksheet
  • Deleting a Template
  • Finding Online Templates
  • Labs
Module 3. Creating Charts
  • Use Recommended Charts
  • Inserting a column chart
  • Resizing a chart
  • Deleting a chart
  • Adding a Chart Title
  • Changing the Chart Background
  • Changing a column, bar, line or pie slice colors
  • Changing the chart type
  • Adding a Data Table
  • Changing the Chart Layout
  • Copying and moving charts
  • Creating a 3-D Chart
  • Adjusting 3-D View
  • New Chart Types (Map , Funnel)
  • Practice - Creating Charts
Module 4. Revising Charting Features
  • Formatting an Axis
  • Changing the Axis Scaling
  • Formatting the Data Series
  • Adding Data from Different Worksheets
  • Using a Secondary Axis
  • Changing Data Series Chart Types
  • Changing Source Data Range
  • Labs
Module 5. Working with Advanced Filters
  • Creating a Criteria Range
  • Using a Criteria Range
  • Showing All Records
  • Using an Advanced And Condition
  • Using an Advanced Or Condition
  • Copying Filtered Records
  • Using Database Functions
  • Finding Unique Records
  • Labs
Module 6. Using Conditional and Custom Formats
  • Applying Conditional Formats
  • Changing a Conditional Format
  • Adding a Conditional Format
  • Creating a Custom Conditional Format
  • Using Data Bars
  • Deleting a Conditional Format
  • Creating a Custom Number Format
  • Labs
Module 7. Using Worksheet Protection
  • Unlocking Cells in a Worksheet
  • Protecting a Worksheet
  • Unprotecting a Worksheet
  • Creating Allow-Editing Ranges
  • Deleting Allow-Editing Ranges
  • Assigning a Password
  • Opening a Password-protected File
  • Removing a Password
  • Labs

Who Should Attend This Microsoft Excel 2019 Training?

Highly recommended for individuals with the basic understanding of Microsoft Excel and wishes to be equipped with intermediate skill sets in the programme, such as generating reports and data management.


A working knowledge of the following Excel skillset is required:

  • Save & Opening files
  • Cell referencing
  • Usage of Basic formula (SUM, AVERAGE, COUNT, MAX, MIN)
  • Set Page Setup option from printing
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