Duration: 2 days
Time: 9am to 6pm

What Will Be Taught For This Business Intelligence and Dashboarding Course?

In this course, participants will learn how to use PowerPivot to analyze large amounts of data and create analytics dashboard with PowerView’s amazing visualizations tools using Microsoft Excel.

Planning the Dashboard

Module 1. Using PowerPivot
  • PowerPivot: Overview
  • Starting PowerPivot
  • Importing from Access
  • Importing from Excel
  • Importing from a Data Feed
  • PowerPivot Window
  • Checking Relationships
  • Adding Columns
  • A Quick Pivot Table
  • A Very Quick Pivot Chart
Module 2. Using Power View
  • What Is Power View?
  • Enabling the Power View Add-In
  • Inserting Power View
  • Setting the Title
  • Inserting a Table in Power View

Building the Dashboard

Module 3. Inserting Charts
  • Creating Charts
  • Adding a Second Series to a Chart
  • Sorting Values in a Chart
  • Moving the Chart Legend
  • Arranging Items in the View
  • Highlighting and Filtering Data
  • Highlighting Chart Data with another Chart
Module 4. Formatting the Report
  • Applying Themes
  • Changing the Theme Font
  • Changing the Theme Text Size
  • Changing the Theme Background
  • Applying an Image Background
Module 5. Using Slicers
  • Inserting Slicers
  • Creating a Second Slicer
  • Filtering Data with Slicers
  • Clearing Filters
Module 6. Using Cards and Tiles
  • Using Cards
  • Using Tiles
  • Inserting another View
Module 7. Creating Bubble Charts
  • Creating a Bubble Chart
  • Adding Category Group Colors to a Bubble Chart
Module 8. Creating Multiples Charts
  • Creating Multiples Charts
  • Creating Multiples Line Charts
  • Using View Filters
  • Using Visualization Filters
Module 9. Creating Interactive Pie Charts
  • Creating Pie Charts
  • Creating a Drill-Down Pie Chart Using Hierarchies
  • Adding More Detail Using Slices
  • Cross-Filtering Bar Charts with Other Visualizations
Module 10. Creating Map Charts
  • Creating an Interactive Pie Chart in a Map
  • Changing the Sort Order of a Field Using another Field
  • Filtering the Map Using a Slicer
  • Filtering Other Visualizations Using the Map
  • Creating an Interactive Bar Chart


Module 11. Using Power BI with Office 365
  • Enabling the Power BI App
  • Adding Reports
  • Adding a Document to Featured Reports
  • Highlighting Report Data
  • Filtering Report Data
Module 12. Using Power BI Q&A
  • Adding Reports to Power BI Q&A
  • Keyword Search
  • Searching related data

Who Should Attend This Business Intelligence and Dashboarding Course Training?

Excellent course for professionals in Finance, Sales, Marketing, Engineering, IT and roles such as Project Managers, General Managers, Managing Directors, CXOs and Data Warriors dealing with large volume data and need to possess advanced techniques to convert them into actionable information.


An user of Microsoft Excel 2007/2010 for at least 1 year.

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Course Fee $800 $856


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