Duration: 2 days
Time: 9am to 6pm

PDU Breakdown
Strategic: 14 PDUs
Total: 14 PDUs

What Will Be Taught For This Course?

Stakeholder is anyone who has an influence on the success or failure of your endeavour. Your endeavour can be a project, initiative, career, promotion, strategy execution, relationship with customers, peers, subordinates, superiors. Therefore, balancing the web of relationships of various stakeholders often result in trade-off. A smart manager will influence the trade-off for his/her personal gain. A wise manager will ensure that the outcome of the trade-off is a win-win for all.

This 2-Day workshop builds on your self-awareness, self-management and self-development by leveraging your strengths in relationship management to ride the wave of organisational politics.

Learning Outcomes

Take Home Value
The focus of this course is on developing participants to be excellent in dealing with power and politics encountered in projects/initiatives by influencing stakeholders effectively to achieve supreme execution capability.

What You Will Learn:You will learn:

  1. Understanding the imperative of stakeholder management to build power and influence to get things done.
  2. Appreciating the paramount importance of positive politics for career advancement by developing strategies to manage power and politics in projects and achieve stakeholders’ support.
  3. Recognising the synergy of having the right people, process and tools/technology for successful execution of stakeholder strategy resulting in multi-directional cooperation.
  4. Crafting a tactically viable stakeholder management plan for fast track career advancement.

80% of organisational politics and power struggle can be resolved through mental abundance and a big heart. The ability to communicate and to connect with difficult stakeholders based on the treatment in this workshop will help the participant to ride the wave of organisational politics. Only the best, the savviest, and the most competitive will survive in this brutal world of globalisation.

The 2-Day action learning workshop covers the 6 mission critical knowledge areas of stakeholder management.

What is Stakeholder Management?

Stakeholder management is managing people and relationships. It is synonymous with 360 degree system, i.e. begins with self, and then peers, subordinates, superiors, customers. Self-awareness requires a person to “See-Think-Feel-Do-Reflect” for introspection so that corrective actions can be made rapidly. Focus on maximising the strengths.

Why is Stakeholder Management Essential?

Stakeholder management begins with planning with clarity to achieve your strategic intent. It involves organising meticulously to achieve effective and efficient implementation of your endeavour taking cognizance of stakeholders’ expectations. Leading and influencing stakeholders’ requirements. Monitoring and controlling risks within the threshold of stakeholders’ demands. Also includes coordinating to attain optimisation of resources to satisfy stakeholders’ needs. In reality 4 Qs are essential, i.e. AQ (Adversity Quotient), EQ (Emotional Quotient), SQ (Social Quotient), and IQ (Intellectual Quotient).

When is Stakeholder Management Inevitable?

The organisational politics life cycle is inevitable. Each cycle will depend on the longevity of the CEO. Whenever a new CEO is appointed the organisational politics will resonate from peak to stability when positive politics over powered the negative ones.

How to Romance Organizational Office Politics?

There are 7 steps in romancing positive organisational politics. A case analysis will be carried out by the participants.

Who are the Political Stakeholders?

There are 6 distinct types. Each type will be discussed in detail and reinforce by a case analysis as to which type is the most vital.

Where is Organizational Politics Most Severe?

Organisational politics happen any time, any place, anywhere. To survive, a person requires 4 types of power, i.e. expert power, connection power, adaptive power, and survival power. The one with the full-power will be the winner in organisational politics.

Who Should Attend This Training?

Anyone who is dealing with various stakeholders on a regular basis, including project and program managers, sponsors, function and support departmental managers, technical/specialist/professional who lack the knowledge and skills to advance into a managerial position. This course is approved by PMI for 14 PDUs out of the 60 PDUs for re-certification every three years.

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