Duration: 2 days
Time: 9am to 6pm

PDU Breakdown
Leadership: 14 PDUs
Total: 14 PDUs

What Will Be Taught For This Course?

Most leadership courses emphasize on the why and what of leadership, i.e. the intangibles. This course focus on who and the how of leadership, i.e. the tangibles that are measurable. The rationale of “we can only improve or manage what can be measured” is the objective of this 2-day leadership competence development course.

Learning Outcomes

Take Home Value
The take home value after the 2-day workshop is continuous action learning for improvements by the participants who will do differently by leveraging on real-time strategies for developing potential leaders, building teams, and transforming organizations. Thus, the training gain during the workshop will enable that leadership really works this time round.

What You Will Learn:

You will recognize the importance of holistic management for integration of people, process, and tools/technology. The imperative of systems management for successful execution of strategy to ensure that single source for monitor and control is implemented. This is still inadequate unless the leadership (in you) can hone the critical management abilities to decide.

Critical management is:

  1. A process linking innovation, integration, and implementation.
  2. The most difficult to teach yet the most essential in order not to procrastinate in decision making. Hence, an organization culture needs to pass through 5 phases of maturity in order to be fully developed.
  3. This requires an organization to progress from being a learning organization to an action organization, to a teaching organization, and ultimately to a coaching organization.
  4. What are the building blocks of competence designed by an organization to advance their employees’ abilities leveraging on the organization's values, mission, and vision.
  5. How each leader can perform “cross-fertilizing of knowledge impact” by contributing to the best of their advantage to realize the organizational performance culture.


What did you learn and how can you do differently to improve your leadership quality and has an impact on your career development/advancement.

The 2-day action learning workshop covers who and the how of leadership with real case illustration and real work place self-analysis.

The importance of systems management to help a leader to manage more productively:

  • Self-awareness of every leader learning style.
  • The traits and attributes of a leader with 21st century management skills.
  • Re-defining the 7 habits of an effective manager.
  • The 5 levels of change from being a capable individual to an executive coach.
  • The types of leadership behaviour that is aligned to the organization values.
  • How to convert the organization values into measurable KPIs for leadership scorecard.

The imperative of holistic management for a results driven leader, i.e. focusing on those key areas that have the highest impact on business performance.

This necessitates a big picture/helicopter mindset to think “outside the box” (lateral thinking):

  • The 7 stages of change in leadership characteristics from managing a light-weight to medium-weight, and ultimately to heavy-weight projects.
  • Understanding the importance of playing different roles and responsibilities when managing different types and complexities of projects.
  • How to balance the competing requirements of various stakeholders using situational leadership to minimize conflicts.
  • How to integrate people, process, and technologies through effective utilization of both hard and soft leadership skills, i.e. holistic leadership.
  • How to ensure the successful implementation of strategy to achieve the required outcome through results driven leadership that is measurable using a leadership quality balanced scorecard.

Who Should Attend This Training?

PMPs (this course is approved by PMI for 14 PDUs) and experienced project managers, team members, function and support departmental managers with the need/aspiration to enhance their leadership competence to better lead quality project to attain supreme organizational performance.

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