Duration: 3 days / 22 hours
Time: 9am to 5.30pm
Course Code: CRS-Q-0038030-ICT
TPGateway Course Code: TGS-2019502819


Funding available for this course:

Enhanced Training Support for SMEs NICF-SF Post-Secondary Education Scheme (PSEA) SkillsFuture Credit SkillsFuture Mid-Career Enhanced Subsidy Union Training Assistance Programme (UTAP) 


What Will Be Taught For This CyberSMARTTM Evangelist Course?

This course will introduce you to the CyberSMARTTM Evangelist role and how you can promote and contribute to the development of a cybersecurity mindset and culture within the organization. You will be introduced to the impact of cybersecurity breaches and their preventions as well as the importance of legislation/regulation that affects the business organization. You will learn how to create and use the CyberSMARTTM checklist to review your organization’s cybersecurity readiness.

Learning Outcome

  • The participant will learn how to create a cyber-security awareness programme. Communicate and promote the need for cyber security policies and requirements to the staff in the organization as
  • The participant will learn how to assist the organization in adoption of good cyber security practice.
  • The participant will learn how identify critical technological assets of the organization.
  • The participant will learn how carry out cyber security vulnerability research.
  • The participant will develop the skills to review the organization’s IT ecosystem and provide an overview of its cyber security status and compliance to the organization’s management and staff.

Roles and responsibilities of the CSE

  • Articulate the reasons and the requirements of laws and regulations of the Singapore i.e. the Cyber Security Act (2018), the Personal Data Protection Act (2012).
  • Understand the current and future cyber-security threats to an organization’s technological ecosystem.
  • Promote and encourage good cyber security habits
  • To be able to review the organization’s IT ecosystem and report on its status to management, in order to give the management a view of the status of their organization’s IT ecosystem.


Statement of Attainment (SOA) from SSG

Participants will receive the SOA from SSG upon completion of training and assessment.

Module 1. Why Do We Need a Cyber Security Evangelist?

  • Cyber Security Attacks in Singapore
  • Current Status of the Cyber Ecosystem in Organizations
  • Cyber Ecosystem
  • Cyber Security Evangelist and SMEs

Module 2. Singapore Cyber Security Laws and Regulations

  • Overview of the Computer Misuse and Cybersecurity Act (CHAPTER 50A)
  • What Is an Offence Under the Act
  • Cybersecurity measures and requirements
  • Overview of the Cyber Security Act 2018
  • Duties and Functions of Commissioner
  • What Is Considered Critical Information Infrastructure
  • Licensing of Cyber Security Service Provider
  • Overview of the Personal Data Protection Act 2012
  • Objectives of the Personal Data Protection Act
  • How Does the Personal Data Protection Act Work?
  • Application of the Personal Data Protection Act

Module 3. CSE- Knowledge Required

  • Overview of the Hacking Process
  • Overview of the Current Cyber Security Threat Landscape
  • Understanding Cyber Attacks
  • Top Cyber Security Threats in 2018
  • Researching Vulnerabilities and Cyber-Attack Methodologies
  • Understanding The Organization’s Cyber Ecosystem
  • Inventorise the Technological Assets Used in the Organization
  • Understand How Technology Is Used by The Business
  • Identifying the critical components of the organization’s ecosystem and the owners

Module 4. CSE-Roles and Responsibilities

  • Advise the Organization on Policies and Procedures in Respect of Cybersecurity
  • Balancing the Needs of the Business and Cyber Security Requirements
  • Cyber Security Policies
  • Cyber Security Policies Design
  • Cyber Security Polices Implementation
  • Incidence Response Policies
  • Cyber Security Incidence Policies Implementation
  • Preventing Incidents
  • Assist in Responding to Cybersecurity Incidents That Threaten the Organization
  • Managing Cyber Security Incidents
  • Cyber Security Incidents Post-Mortem
  • Assist in the Monitoring Of Cybersecurity Threats in the Organization
  • Review of Systems, Software Updates
  • Proactive Vulnerability and Cyber Attacks Research

Module 5. Develop, Oversee and Promote Cybersecurity Awareness

  • Developing A Cyber Security Awareness Training Program
  • What to Include in the Cyber Security Awareness Training?
  • Conducting Cyber Security Awareness Training
  • Testing the Effectiveness of the Training
  • Ensuring Cyber Security Awareness is Maintained

Module 6. Improving the Cyber Security Posture

  • Mitigating Current Threats

Module 7. Reviewing The Organization’s Cyber Ecosystem

  • What to Review?
  • Planned Review
  • Ad-Hoc Review
  • Using A Checklist
  • Designing The Checklist
  • What Should Be in The Check List
  • Reporting the Results to Management and Staff
  • What to Report
  • Remediation and review

Who Should Attend This CyberSMARTTM Evangelist Training?

Department managers like HR Managers, Admin Manager, Operations Manager, Project Managers, Finance Managers and anybody with managerial experience with understanding of business process.


  • Good communication skills
  • Understand the business
  • Fundamental IT skills
  • Cyber security knowledge
  w/o GST w GST
Course Fee $1,600 $1,712
Singapore Citizen & PR aged ≥ 21 years $1,270 $1,382
Singapore Citizen aged ≥ 40 years
(SkillsFuture Mid-Career Enhancement Funding)
$500 $612


  w/o GST w GST
Course Fee $1,600 $1,712
Singapore Citizen & PR aged ≥ 21 years $1,270 $1,382
Singapore Citizen aged ≥ 40 years
(SkillsFuture Mid-Career Enhancement Funding)
$500 $612


  w/o GST w GST
Course Fee $1,600 $1,712
Singapore Citizen & PR aged ≥ 21 years $500 $612
Singapore Citizen aged ≥ 40 years
(SkillsFuture Mid-Career Enhancement Funding)
$500 $612


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