Python For Beginners

A versatile programming language, Python is a popular coding script used to develop desktop and website applications across various sectors, such as banking, finance, manufacturing and engineering.

Apart from applications, Python is also adopted in areas like data analytics, machine learning and internet security. With Python becoming the most sought-after script for coding, it has become an essential skill among data analysts and professionals in software development. At COMAT, we train beginners not only on the use of Python but also its functions in the realm of machine learning and thus artificial intelligence (AI). Our Python courses for beginners will explore various machine learning capabilities in the IT domain and understand the role of AI.

Learn AI using Python

In our introductory course, participants will learn AI using Python through various methodologies. Machine learning, a branch of AI, looks at computer algorithms in detail and conceptualise their use in improving the user experience of computer programmes. Through the application of machine learning that works with small and large datasets, we achieve AI of which its use is to make computers and other systems be run independently by non-human capabilities.

Those new to the field of Python will find machine learning courses exceptionally interesting as well as beneficial in the IT industry. With AI taking the infotech world by storm, machine learning capabilities and the use of AI in everyday systems will continue to proliferate. This means that more IT professionals will be required to have basic Python knowledge in any IT domain they chose to join.

Our Python courses for beginners will benefit data analysts, business analysts and managers, as well as operations and facilities managers. Learn AI using Python and be part of a growing pool of community preparing for the future of machine learning systems in the world of AI.

View our Python programmes for beginners below and contact us for more information on other machine learning courses.


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