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COMAT aims to build an IT workforce in Singapore proficient in a variety of software. Among our range of courses, we offer Red Hat training to IT practitioners who want to acquire their capabilities in using Red Hat systems, such as Linux, Ansible and OpenShift.

Red Hat is the world's leading provider of open source solutions, using a community-powered approach to provide reliable and high-performing cloud, virtualisation, storage, Linux®, and middleware technologies. As a leading Red Hat Education Reseller, COMAT offers certification programs and Red Hat training in Singapore on Red Hat Linux and JBoss technologies.

In COMAT’s range of Red Hat training courses in Singapore, we offer Linux courses to those who are new to this operating system. These include training in administration tasks often performed in the workplace. Through various tools, students will acquire technical knowledge on Linux capabilities and can serve as the foundation to become full-time Linux system administrators. Being trained in Red Hat Enterprise Linux will give you a competitive edge. The Linux certification will open doors to new opportunities with the industry looking out for Red Hat certified professionals to join the workforce.

Our Red Hat system administrator training courses in Singapore will be ideal for Microsoft Windows system administrators who want to acquire experience in the Linux systems. The courses are also applicable to other network administers and IT professionals who need to perform core Linux functions and require proficiency in the software.

Apart from the Linux courses, our Red Hat training also covers lessons on automation through the use of Ansible playbooks. Among other aspects, students in this Red Hat training course will learn how to automate administration tasks through Ansible and employ other ad hoc commands. IT professionals in the software development will find our OpenShift courses useful as they will learn how to containerise software applications and manage their deployment through the Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform.

Browse Red Hat training courses in Singapore below.

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RH124 - Red Hat System Administrator I 5 $4,280.00
RH135 - Red Hat System Administrator II 5 $4,708.00
RH134 Red Hat System Administration II (course only) 5 $4,280.00
RH254 Red Hat Enterprise Linux System Administration III 4 $3,745.00
RH255 Red Hat Enterprise Linux System Administration III with RHCSA and RHCE Exams 5 $4,494.00
CL110 - Red Hat OpenStack Administration I: Core Operations for Cloud Operators 5 $4,280.00
CL210 - Red Hat OpenStack Administration II 4 $5,136.00
CL310 - Red Hat OpenStack Administration III: Networking & Foundations of NFV 4 $5,136.00
DO180 - Introduction to Containers, Kubernetes, and Red Hat OpenShift 3 $3,852.00
DO280 - Red Hat OpenShift Administration I 3 $3,852.00
DO285 - Containers, Kubernetes and Red Hat OpenShift Administration I 5 $6,420.00
DO288 - Red Hat OpenShift Development I: Containerizing Applications 4 $3,852.00
DO380 - Red Hat OpenShift Administration II: High Availability 4 $5,136.00
DO407 - Automation with Ansible I 4 $5,136.00
DO409 - Automation with Ansible II: Ansible Tower 2 $2,568.00
DO410 - Automation with Ansible and Ansible Tower 5 $6,420.00
RH199 - RHCSA Rapid Track course (Course only) 5 $6,420.00
DO101 - Introduction to OpenShift Applications 1 $1,284.00
DO425- Red Hat Security: Container and OpenShift 4 $5,136.00


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