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It is highly unlikely that you will come across an office that does not use Microsoft Office applications in any part of their daily work. Whether you are working with emails, on a powerpoint presentation, or using Excel for advanced statistical analyses, having Microsoft Office skills will come in handy in almost every job or career. Apart from the popularity of the applications, Microsoft Office suite of tools improve and enhance the quality of communication and productivity in your teams while keeping it simple.

As almost all offices use the applications in one way or another, getting your Microsoft Office certification is absolutely vital to help you gain all the soft and hard skills necessary in becoming a business professional in no time.

Get Your Microsoft Office Certification

From the basic essentials (Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Word and Microsoft Powerpoint) to other business-specific courses (Microsoft Visio and Microsoft Project), COMAT offers a range from which you can pick out to match your skills requirements.

To successfully navigate the fast-paced business environment today, professionals are required to be well-versed in Microsoft Office skills. Many may consider themselves to be adequately proficient in basic Microsoft Office applications but taking on more advanced and specific courses can help you hone your abilities for a much more efficient performance at work.

Aside from the commonly used applications such as Outlook, Microsoft Office courses we offer in Singapore like the Visio Basic and Intermediate can teach you useful skills in business diagramming and organisation charts. Likewise, an ICDL Project Planning can equip professionals with essential project management skills; assigning tasks, resources, using planning tools and evaluating data.

Why Should You Upskill Your Microsoft Office Certification?

Whether you are looking to gain some basic Microsoft Office certification or upskill your existing capabilities, COMAT is pleased to offer you the learning solutions that match your needs.

Our strong client reviews are testament to the influence and benefits of enrolling in upskilling courses with us. For any enquiries, please drop us a message online and our team will assist you.


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