DevOps Training and Certification

What does DevOps refer to?

A combination of both development and operations, DevOps brings both teams together to support and complete the process of software development. By merging several practices and tools, utilising DevOps empowers organisations to deliver products (applications) and services at a fast speed. By automating processes between the software development and IT teams, products can be built, improved and updated more reliably at a higher speed.

In a digital age, having speed and flexibility in organisational processes as well as IT service management sets businesses apart with competitive advantage. Hence, as DevOps as a set of processes gains considerable traction among businesses, the demand for professionals who own a DevOps certification or have undergone training continues to grow.

Benefits Of Getting A DevOps Certification

As businesses measure their success by their ability to innovate faster than their competitors, many of them are looking to hire professionals who can come in ready to improve and expand on their operations cycle times as well as development.

By combining both development and operations, DevOps introduces a range of benefits that align with the greater goal of reducing development cycle and recovery times, failure rates, and increasing the quality of collaboration between the two integral teams.

Businesses are in the market to hire professionals well-versed in DevOps training for a number of reasons:

  1. Increasing Efficiency By incorporating DevOps, product development cycles are fine-tuned, automated where possible, and made more efficient. This frees up time for software development teams to focus on tasks that are difficult or impossible to automate, effectively leading to a better allocation of resources.
  2. Reduced Failures Both development and operations teams are integral to the successful rollout of a product (application). When their processes are combined, collaboration and communication between the teams inadvertently improve, leading to reduced deployment failures and cost savings for the firm. When costs and success rates of a product rollout comes into play, businesses are willing to spend more and expand their DevOps capabilities.
  3. Increase Innovation Speeds Improved efficiencies in processes allow businesses to allocate a wider margin of time into innovating their products - staking out a competitive advantage that is necessary to remain at the top in the market.

Why Pick Our DevOps Training Courses?

COMAT offers a broad range of DevOps training courses to get your certification. From the Microsoft Azure DevOps Solutions course to the OpenShift Administration course by RedHat, professionals seeking specific training needs can be sure to find one that matches their needs and upskill themselves for the workforce.

Our training institute also partners to provide several funding schemes for those looking for one.

Have enquiries about our DevOps Training courses available? Drop us your enquiries here and our team will be happy to assist you.


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AWS Certified DevOps Engineer – Professional (Bundle) Funding available 4 $4,093.07
DevOps Engineering on AWS 3 $2,728.50



Microsoft Certified Azure DevOps Engineer
Microsoft Azure DevOps Solutions 7 $4,494.00


NICF - DevOps Fundamentals (SF) Funding available 2 $1,284.00


DO180 - Introduction to Containers, Kubernetes, and Red Hat OpenShift 3 $3,852.00
DO280 - Red Hat OpenShift Administration I 3 $3,852.00
DO285 - Containers, Kubernetes and Red Hat OpenShift Administration I 5 $6,420.00
DO288 - Red Hat OpenShift Development I: Containerizing Applications 3 $3,852.00
DO380 - Red Hat OpenShift Administration II: High Availability 4 $5,136.00
DO407 - Automation with Ansible I 4 $5,136.00
DO409 - Automation with Ansible II: Ansible Tower 2 $2,568.00
DO410 - Automation with Ansible and Ansible Tower 5 $6,420.00






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