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Agile organisations are highly receptive to market dynamics and are able to deliver projects in more efficient and timely ways. This requires the need to employ agile methodologies in project planning and implementations. Within the IT industry, agile is an empowering work process that pushes teams to be quick in addressing feedback on various projects they manage and optimise their development cycle to achieve desired results. In short, agile working environments respond to continuous change rather than following a plan. Professionals who want to enrol into the Agile Certified Practitioner (ACP) course or receive the relevant agile certifications they need to improve work processes can seek training at the COMAT learning hub in Singapore.


Acquire Agile Certification in Singapore and Stay Relevant With Industry Demands

With the rise of digital technologies, organisations are increasingly leveraging on the power of software and integrated IT solutions to enhance business processes across varied industries. This requires a skilled workforce that understands the dynamic nature of project development and must be proactive in meeting the requirements of businesses. As such, agile training is necessary for IT practitioners in Singapore. With ACP training as well as courses on agile methodologies, candidates will be more skilled in applying agile practices in their organisations in Singapore and share the underlying principles and techniques with their teammates to achieve continuous achievement during the developmental stage. We provide several agile certification courses in Singapore and work towards training the workforce to be a certified practitioner in this field. The agile training courses include basic and advanced agile training through Scrum, a widely used agile process framework, and are facilitated by certified trainers in Singapore.


ACP Training in Singapore

Project managers in IT firms in Singapore can also pursue the PMI-ACP® training course to be an Agile Certified Practitioner and guide their organisations in adopting agile frameworks to enhance work efficiency and productivity. Browse our agile certification training courses in Singapore and drop us a note if you have any questions!


Training By Brand



NICF - ACP® - Agile Certified Practitioner Training (SF)  Funding available 21 3 $1,605.00



Introduction to Agile and Scrum 8 1 $535.00



NICF – Agile Scrum Master (SF)  Funding available 14 2 $1,284.00
NICF - Agile Scrum Product Owner (SF)  Funding available 16 2 $1,284.00







CAPM, PMI, PMP, Project Management Professional, PMI-ACP and PMI-RMP are registered marks of the Project Management Institute, Inc.


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