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As more and more organisations open up their doors to the power that big data brings, the value of having earned a data science certification can come in handy. It is a known truth that data has always been ubiquitous in governments, multinational corporations and sectors like healthcare and insurance, telecommunications and retail.

However, in recent years, data science as a field and skill has gained considerable traction for its value in being able to derive actionable insights and business goals from huge sets of data that come in. Data science today constitutes more than pure mining of statistics, it requires data scientists to have an ability in performing statistical analysis, developing predictive models and discovering patterns in data by combining both business insights and strategy with computer science.

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As organisations globally recognise the impact data science integration brings, the industry demand for qualified data scientists grows exponentially year on year. Equipping yourself with data science certification will enhance your employability and value-add as an individual to many organisations.

With Industry 4.0, organisations everywhere are awash with big amounts of data. Business strategists and leaders are quickly realising the imminent need to jump on the bandwagon and utilise data science technologies and tools to gain a competitive advantage over other firms in the market.

Our data science courses cover a range of skills, cutting-edge tools and technologies as well as subject knowledge matter to equip and prepare students for jobs and projects that require and leverage the use of data science and analytics.

Depending on the course chosen, students stand to gain a plethora of skills ranging anywhere from data science tools such as Python, R studio and Jupyter Notebook to data visualisation tools such as Excel Power BI and PowerPivot. Likewise, students already familiar with several data science applications can undergo specific training in learning how to use Google Cloud Platform Fundamentals - leveraging the use of newer trends like Machine Learning to analyse pockets of big data with tools like SQL and networks like TensorFlow.

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Are you a professional working in the field of data science and analytics? Interested in getting your foot into the data science world?

Our courses are led with a philosophy to provide an integrated training solution that is results-focused while accommodating the varying needs of professionals in our ever evolving workforce. Take a look at some of our achievements and accolades as a key training partner and institute.

Get your data science certification with us by enrolling in the course most relevant to your needs.

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NICF - Big Data Analytics (SF) Funding available 5 $3,210.00
NICF - Data Visualization With Power BI (SF)   Funding available 2 $1,070.00
NICF - Data Visualization with Advanced Power BI (SF)  Funding available 2 $1,819.00
NICF - Data Analytics and Visualization with Excel Power Tools (SF)  Funding available 2 $963.00
Complete Data Analytics for Beginners   Funding available 1 $299.60
Data Analytics Dashboard Using Power View (Excel 2013/2016) 1 $428.00
Analyzing Database Using PowerPivot and DAX Formulas (Excel 2013/2016) 1 $428.00



Google Cloud Platform Fundamentals: Big Data & Machine Learning 1 $963.00
Data Engineering on Google Cloud Platform 4 $3,852.00



DP-100 Designing and Implementing a Data Science Solution on Azure 3 $1,605.00
DP-200 Implementing an Azure Data Solution 3 $1,605.00
DP-201 Designing an Azure Data Solution 2 $1,070.00


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