What is Udemy

Udemy is a worldwide leading online learning platform aimed at students and adults with more than 24 million students around the world.

Why use Udemy for ePrep?

If you have used Udemy personally, you would have noticed that each course has a payable amount before you can access it's full contents (talk about education is expensive!). However, Udemy for ePrep is exclusively curated just for NSFs. With a yearly subscription, NSFs will be able to access over 3000 courses at their finger tips. You can now access all the courses you want without worrying about the cost of individual courses.


Click here to download the course listing.


Key benefits

  • Revise, refresh and update yourself on core knowledge
  • Hone your critical thinking skills for further studies
  • Improve interpersonal and professional development skills
  • Expand training certification and build your professional portfolio in your resume


How much does it cost?

The first-year subscription costs $160.50, of which 90% of the subscription cost can be paid through your ePrep credits. The remaining 10% will be paid using cash through your NS Portal.

$160.50 X 90% = $144.45 will be deducted from your ePrep credits (make sure you have enough credits left to deduct!)

$160.50 x 10% = $16.05 will be paid through NS Portal


How to apply?

how to apply Udemy for ePrep