Office Workflow


When running your day-to-day business, you realise that things can be made easier for you if the system is computerised. But how do you get started? Our team of developers at COMAT will do our best to automate your company’s workflow. Alternatively, your company has a system to automate your daily tasks already in place, but it may not be to your satisfaction, therefore, a revamp is needed to optimise the system to increase productivity. At COMAT, we are specialised to analyse your current system, study your business process and do a make-over for your system.

3 Reasons Why You Choose COMAT for Office Workflow Automation

1. Quality Production - Supported by more than 100 skilled and experience developers, COMAT has the capabilities to design, develop and implement high quality and reliable software products for organization needs.

2. Wide Range of Solutions - Supported by more than 100 developers skilled with VB.NET, C#.NET, Java & many other technologies, COMAT has the capabilities to offers a wide range of solutions from building workflow automations to creation of electronic learning contents.

3. Value for Money - We help organisations to save costs by analysing, designing, upgrading and implementing “do more with less” office workflow automation and effective learning solutions.

Project Development Life Cycle

Over the years, we have established a reliable Project Development Life Cycle to ensure quality development and delivery of products and services to our customers.