Letter of Undertaking for Course Fee Funding

1. All trainees and/or sponsoring companies registering for courses funded by the respective agencies below are bound by the terms and conditions as set down from the relevant agencies.

  • Skillsfuture Singapore (SSG)
  • Workforce Singapore (WSG)

2. For funded courses, trainees and/or sponsoring companies will be required to pay the nett course fees (less the funded amount) at the point of course registration.

3. In the event that the trainee and/or sponsoring company fails to meet any of the requirements set under the funding scheme (as stated below or otherwise) resulting in the trainee’s and/or sponsoring company’s funding application claim being rejected by the respective funding agency, the trainee and/or sponsoring company agrees to pay the balance of the course fee to ST Engineering e-Services Pte Ltd within 30 days from the date of our notification.

  • Trainee fails to meet the minimum 75% attendance for the course
  • Trainee fails to complete the required assessment/examination/test, where applicable
  • Trainee fails to achieve a Competent (“C”) and/or passing grade of 75% and above outcome in the required assessment/examination/test
  • Trainee has been granted Funding for the same course before.
  • Sponsoring company does not have a Skillsconnect account, and fails to do so before the start of course
  • Sponsoring company does not create the Training Grant application in Skillsconnect before the start of course





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