From 1 April 2015, the Training Grant applications can be submitted from 30 days before the course start date. This is reduced from 180 days before the course start date. You also have up to another 30 days after the course start date to submit your application.

Announced in COS 2013, Enterprise Training Support (ETS) scheme aims to help you achieve the following outcomes:

  • Raise your employees’ productivity and skills levels
  • Attract and retain valued employees by developing good Human Resource (HR) and management systems and practices tied to training
  • Attract and retain valued employees by helping you benchmark compensation and benefits to market rates

Who can qualify?

Companies must fulfil the following criteria to be eligible to tap ETS.

  • Companies must be registered or incorporated in Singapore; AND
  • New companies (i.e. companies who have not subscribed to any of SSG’s funding schemes previously); OR
  • Companies who have tapped on earlier SSG schemes, but they will not qualify for specific grant components if it was supported under the earlier schemes, e.g. HR Development Grant and Capability Grant.

What does it cover?

You can receive funding support for the following:

Up to $200,000 per company

Grant Amount Description
Training Grant Up to $200,000 per company Supports the cost of non-WSQ training and structured OJT, with bundled WSQ training forming at least 30% of an enterprise training plan.
Capability Development Grant One-time grant of $20,000 per company Helps you build your in-house capabilities in the areas of training delivery and infrastructure.
Curriculum Contextualisation and Alignment Grant Up to $52,000 per company Helps you defray costs in developing Singapore Workforce Skills Qualifications (WSQ) training modules, both in terms of content and training delivery. The grant will also support development of OJT blueprints.
HR Development Grant Up to $60,000 per company

Helps you:

  • Develop a system to administer and monitor a holistic training plan which would include identifying skills needed of your employees and developing training pathways; or
  • Integrate WSQ into your training plans and HR policy; or
  • Enhance existing or develop new learning and development systems to support adoption of WSQ and measure learning gains; or
  • Develop career progression pathways, tied to the training roadmap with WSQ components
Compensation and Benefits System Review Grant Up to $15,000 per company Helps you defray costs of engaging consultancy agencies to conduct enterprise-wide industry salary benchmark reviews and restructuring of wages, to attract local talent and retain them in a tight labour market.

For more information, please visit SSG website.