COMAT no longer offers this course.

Duration: 2 days
Time: 9am to 5.30pm

What Will Be Taught For This Microsoft Project 2010 Course?

This course introduces the basic skills necessary for using MS Project 2010.

It includes learning project basics, work with tasks, making adjustments to tasks, outlining tasks, working with views and working with resources. It also includes tasks such as working with calendars, adjusting resources, assigning costs, working with the critical path.

Trainees will also learn how to customize project information, filtering/sorting/grouping information, using more customization features, working with baselines, tracking your progress, evaluating and distributing data. Some lessons include finalizing a project, working with multiple projects, working with resource pools, importing and exporting data, working with graphics and web pages.

Module 1. Review of Project foundation
  • Setting up Microsoft project
  • Working with Tasks
  • Working with Resources
  • Updating Project Information
  • Basic Reporting
Module 2. Working with Other Views
  • Network Diagram Views
  • Managing Network Diagram Views
  • Calendar View
  • Managing Calendar Views
Module 3. Adjusting Resources
  • Viewing Resource Usage
  • Resolving Conflicts by Increasing Units
  • Leveling a Resource Using the New Task Inspector
  • Specifying Leveling Timeframes
  • Changing the Leveling Order
  • Leveling by Entering a Delay Amount
  • Clearing Leveling
  • Splitting a Task
  • Changing Leveling to Automatic
  • Setting Task Level Priority
  • Adjusting Resources
Module 4. Assigning Costs
  • Assigning Standard Rates
  • Assigning Overtime Rates
  • Assigning a Per-Use Cost to a Resource
  • Selecting an Accrual Method
  • Assigning Resource Codes
  • Creating a Resource Rate Table
  • Assigning a Resource Rate Table
  • Assigning Fixed Material Resource Costs
  • Viewing Resource Costs
  • Viewing Task Costs
  • Assigning a Fixed Cost to a Task
  • Assigning Costs
  • Cost Resource
  • Assigning Cost Resource
Module 5. Creating a Budget
  • Creating Budget Resource
  • Budget Cost
  • Assigning Budget Cost
  • Categorizing Budget Cost
Module 6. Working with the Critical Path
  • Viewing the Critical Path
  • Viewing Slack
  • Assigning Overtime to a Task
  • Working with the Critical Path
Module 7. Customizing Project Information
  • Using the Options Dialog Box
  • Setting Save Options
  • Setting Scheduling Options
  • Setting Calculation Options
  • Using the Drawing Toolbar
  • Customizing Project Information
Module 8. Filtering/Sorting/Grouping Information
  • Using the AutoFilter Feature
  • Creating a Custom Filter
  • Sorting a View
  • Creating a Custom Sort
  • Grouping Resources or Tasks
  • Creating a Custom Grouping
  • Filtering/Sorting/Grouping Information
Module 9. Using More Customization Features
  • Applying a Table to a View
  • Creating a Custom View
  • Creating a Custom Table
  • Adding a Table Column
  • Hiding a Table Column
  • Using the Organizer to Reset Defaults
  • Using the Organizer to Customize Templates
  • Using the Gantt Chart Wizard
  • Creating Custom Outline Codes
  • Using More Customization Features
Module 10. Tracking Your Progress
  • Updating a Completed Task
  • Setting the Status Date
  • Updating a Task on Schedule
  • Updating a Task Not on Schedule
  • Viewing Slippage
  • Updating Projects on Schedule
  • Entering the Percent Complete
  • Entering Completed and Remaining Work
  • Entering Actual and Remaining Durations
  • Entering Timephased Work Values
  • Rescheduling Uncompleted Work
  • Applying Progress Lines
  • Viewing Summary Information
  • Tracking Your Progress
Module 11. Finalizing a Project
  • Marking Tasks Complete
  • Correcting Actual Data
  • Analyzing Final Data
  • Using Final Data in a New Project
  • Copying Task Names to a New Project
  • Finalizing a Project
  • Comparing Budget vs Actual Cost
Module 12. Working with Multiple Projects
  • Creating a Subproject
  • Inserting a Project
  • Unlinking Subprojects
  • Consolidating Open Projects
  • Linking and Unlinking Subproject Tasks
  • Saving a Workspace File
  • Working with Multiple Projects
Module 13. Working with Resource Pools
  • Creating a Resource Pool
  • Linking a Project to a Resource Pool
  • Opening a Sharer File
  • Updating a Resource Pool
  • Opening a Resource Pool
  • Working with Resource Pools
Module 14. Importing and Exporting Data
  • Using an Existing Map to Import Data
  • Creating a Custom Map to Import Data
  • Using an Existing Map to Export Data
  • Creating a Custom Map to Export Data
  • Using the Project Excel Template
  • Saving a Project as a Database
  • Importing and Exporting Data
Module 15. Desktop Reporting –Visual Reports
  • Using Visual Reports
  • Exporting Data – OLAP Cube
  • Exporting Data – Reporting Database
Module 16. Using Timeline
  • Adding Task to the Timeline
  • Working With Timeline
  • Using Timeline for Reporting
Module 17. Working with SharePoint
  • Adding Tasks from the SharePoint Task list
  • Working With Tasks updates with SharePoint Foundation
  • Using for Gathering Project Information

Who Should Attend This Microsoft Project Training?

  • For students and individuals with a limited understanding of Microsoft Project 2010 who are keen to learn project management.
  • New project managers or anyone who wants to take up project management roles and work responsibilities.


An understanding of Windows / MS Project 2010 will be an added advantage.

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Course Fee $600 $642


  1. 2 to 4 weeks’ written notice from start date of training - 50% of course fee for cancellation

  2. Less than 2 weeks’ written notice from start date of training - 100% of course fees for postponement or cancellation

  3. ST Electronics (e-Services) Pte Ltd reserves the right to cancel or postpone any course or change the venue due to unforeseen circumstances.