Duration: 2 days 
Time: 9am to 5.30pm

What Will Be Taught For This Excel Data Analysis Course?

Take your Power BI knowledge to the next level with this Advanced Power BI, a powerful cloud-based service that helps analyst visualize and share insights from their data. Learn about advanced data visualisation techniques that can take your reports and dashboards beyond the basics. Know how the languages such as M can be used to extend that standard data extraction and transformation capabilities of Power BI.   

Module 1. Quick Recap on PowerBI

  • Working with PowerBI Desktop
  • Working with PowerBI.com
  • Publishing reports on PowerBI.com
  • Working with Dashboards in PowerBI.com
  • Pinning Visuals, Live Pages
  • Creating Dashboard
  • Sharing Contents among other users

Module 2. Power BI Desktop Queries

  • Power BI Query Editor as an ETL tool (Extract, Transform, Load)
  • Power BI desktop queries - The Advanced Editor (Using M script)
  • Shaping Data
  • Common Data Shaping techniques
    • Removing Columns and Rows
    • Renaming Columns
    • Data Types
    • Datetime Columns
    • Adding Columns
    • Apply a Sort Order
  • Combining Data 
  • Append Queries 
  • Merge Queries 
  • Best practices for Shaping Data

Module 3. Understanding Join Types

  • Types of Relationships: One-to-Many, Many-to-One, One-to-One
  • Handling Many-to-Many relationships
  • Active-vs-Inactive Relationships
  • Cross-Filter Direction and Its effect on Results
  • Join Types

Module 4. DAX Measures

  • Creating Quick Measures
  • More DAX Functions categories
    • Date and Time 
    • Time Intelligence 
    • Filter 
    • Information 
    • Logical 
    • Math and Trig 
    • Parent and Child 
    • Statistical 
    • Text 
  • Working with DAX functions: 
    • Common Excel functions and their behavior in DAX 
    • Simple SUM, COUNT, AVERAGE, TEXT functions like concatenation 
    • SUMX 
    • Related 
    • RelatedTable 
    • Calculate 
    • Filter 
    • DistinctCount 
    • Time Intelligence Functions

Module 5. Data Visualizations

  • Good practices for creating Data Visualizations 
  • Creating Power BI reports with suitable Data Visualizations 
  • Working with properties of Data Visualization 
  • Understanding and changing Interactions of Data Visualizations 
  • Importing Custom Visuals of different types 
  • Using Custom Visuals to enhance Power BI Reports 

Module 6. Case Studies





Who Should Attend This Excel Data Analysis Course?

Business User, Data Analyst or Professional who needs to observe changes in data patterns, understand the performance of their investments and illustrate it through a dashboard.


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