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Duration: 3 days
Time: 9am to 5.30pm

What Will Be Taught For This Microsoft Access Course?

This course provides the client with an approach to developing the database objects from a developer’s perspective. By introducing VBA Access, it leverages the user’s knowledge in developing Access Application.

Module 1. Designing a Database
  • Issues in Designing a Database
  • Normalization
  • Assigning Data Types
  • Setting Number Formats
  • Setting Validation Rules
  • Creating an Input Mask
  • Setting Primary Key
  • Setting Table Properties
  • Creating Table Properties
  • Creating a Relationship
  • Setting Referential Integrity
Module 2. Using Queries
  • Using Criteria in a Query
  • Creating Parameter Queries
  • Using Date Criteria
  • Getting Help Using the Expression Builder
  • Creating Make Table Query
  • Creating Make Update Query
  • Creating Append Query
  • Creating a Delete Query
Module 3. Using forms
  • Uses of Forms
  • Anatomy of a Form
  • Exploring the Form Properties
  • Exploring The Control Properties
  • Creating Subforms
  • Creating froms based on queries
  • Bound and Unbounded Controls
  • Using combo boxes
  • Using Option Group and Option Button
  • Using the Bound Object Frame Control
  • Using the Expression builder to enhance a form
  • Using the Command Button Wizard
Module 4. Using Reports
  • Anatomy of a Report
  • Using the Report Wizard
  • Selecting the Correct Control
  • Bound / Unbound Object Frames
  • Report's format Properties
  • Control properties and their Uses
  • Bound, Unbound, and Calculated controls
  • Building Reports Based On More Than One Table
  • Creating Subreports
  • Sorting and Grouping
Module 5. Using Macros
  • Working with Macros
  • Creating A Macro
  • Assigning An Argument to Macros
  • Autoexec Macro
  • The Openform Macro with Condition
  • Some other Examples of Macro
Module 6. VBA Fundamentals
  • Why VBA?
  • The Module
  • Creating Subroutines / Procedures
  • Scope and Lifetime of Procedures
  • Declaring Variables
  • Rules in Naming Variables
  • Data Types of Variables
  • Scope and Lifetime of Variables
  • Option Explicit
  • Initializing Variables
  • Adding Comments
  • Line Continuator Character
Module 7. The VBE Window
  • The Standard Module and the Class Module
  • The Form and Report Module
  • The Project Explorer
  • The Properties Window
  • The Debug Toolbar
  • The Edit Toolbar
  • Customizing the VBE
  • The Object Browser
Module 8. Programming Constructs
  • Using If Structures
  • Using The Immediate If (IF) Statement
  • Using Case Select Statement
  • Using For Next Statement
  • Using the Do …Loop Statement
Module 9. Procedures and Functions
  • Calling Other Sub Procedures
  • Procedures with Arguments
  • The DoCmd Object
  • The Built-in Functions
Module 10. Objects, Properties, Methods and Events
  • Working with Objects
  • Object Properties
  • Events of an Object
  • What are Methods
  • How to refer to an Object?
  • Examples of Controls Properties and Methods
Module 11. Advanced form techniques
  • Using Form Events
  • Using Section and Control Events
  • Creating MultiPage Form
  • Tabbed Forms
  • Switchboard Forms
  • Splash Screen Forms
  • Using Combo Box and List Box at Runtime
  • SubForms Techniques
Module 12. Advanced Report Techniques
  • Events in Reports Objects
  • Special Report Properties
  • Working with report Filters
  • Displaying Summary or Detail in a report
  • Numbering Report Items
  • Manipulating Reports Programmatically
  • Exercises


Completed the MS Access Advanced course or an equivalent experience with Access and Using Macros.

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This course is applicable for Skills Development Fund (SDF).

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