Duration: 2 days
Time: 9am to 6pm

PDU Breakdown
Technical: 3 PDUs
Leadership: 5 PDUs
Strategic: 8 PDUs

Total: 16 PDUs

What Will Be Taught For This Course?

Three types of work will take place in Industry 4.0:

  1. Digital Work occurs when business decision making is optimized through the use of Information Technology that is becoming more powerful and less expensive;
  2. Routine Work occurs when profit is enhanced through Lean Six Sigma System;
  3. Project Work occurs when business thrives through successful execution of a Innovation Strategy.

To remain sustainable in an era of new work, managers, leaders, and entrepreneurs need to “invent and reinvent” themselves in the workplace to stay relevant and to continuously add business value to the organizational capability to adapt with the ever-changing forces of globalization impacting on business. These relentless forces of globalization and technological advancement have accelerated the severe nature of an already brutal competition resulting in job shift from low to high business value-add. This warrant the need for design thinking for the role as manager, leader, and entrepreneur (transform into technopreneur to strive and thrive in Industry 4.0).

This 2-days course consists of four topics and endorsed by PMI for 16 PDUs:

  • Design Thinking for Manager (Day-1)
  • Design Thinking for Leader (Day-1)
  • Design Thinking for Technopreneur (Day-2)
  • Design Thinking for management, leadership, and technopreneurship (Day-2)

Manager, Leader, and Technopreneur is associated with a Person.
Management, Leadership, and Technopreneurship is the Process of achieving good practice based on PMI’s talent triangle of project-based leadership for enhancing individual competence, team capacity, and organization capability in developing strategic, business and technical project management skills for successful execution of innovation strategy.

Learning Outcomes

Take Home Value
The focus of this course is on developing hard and soft skills (known as T-skills) of junior to middle managers to be a competent manager in enhancing the capacity of the team in managing projects, and as a collective effort create synergy to attain organisation execution capability for total productivity of resources. In reality, management, leadership and technopreneurship is like the eyes, ears, and mouth of a person – they are interdependent and interrelated for a high-performance organisation.

Course Objective

Most courses on design thinking focus on products and services from the customer perspective. However, the imperative of design thinking is business value add for high-performance organisations. This course emphases both the hard and soft skills of design thinking - the necessity of integrating management, leadership, and technopreneurship. This needs to be done to create the right performance culture, and to become faster, better, and smarter than the competition. Design Thinking begins with an innovation strategy.

This 16-hours intensive workshop builds on your self-awareness, self-management and self-development of design thinking to enhance your ability to leverage your competence, team capacity, and organisational capability for win-win business results.

The essence of a high-performance organizational culture is:

  • Competent managers optimize resources to achieve the highest level of productivity in the industry.
  • Effective leaders develop a pipeline of leaders to grow, glow and globalize the company for brand leadership and equity.
  • Savvy technopreneurs invest in the right project, people and process to stay relevant and remain sustainable to beat the competition.

Design thinking is necessary to create the right mix of competent managers, effective agile leaders and savvy technopreneurs. The goal is to achieve best practice in management, leadership, and technopreneurship.

Managers, leaders and technopreneurs are people. The right process will make them better managers, leaders and technopreneurs. This 2-day course provides the road map, transition change management process and tools, viz.

Awareness: what is design thinking for management, leadership, technopreneurship?
Alignment: why is design thinking mission critical to every manager, leader and technopreneur?
Action: how to we cultivate design thinking for individuals, teams, and the organization?
Adoption: who are the authentic design managers, leaders and technopreneurs?
Assurance: when should we develop a pipeline of design thinkers for a multiplying effect?
Anticipation: where does design thinking reap the most benefits?

Who Should Attend This Training?

Anyone who is dealing with various stakeholders on a regular basis, internal and/or external, including project and program managers, sponsors, functional and support departmental managers, technical/specialist/professional who lack the knowledge and skills in design thinking to achieve good practice in management, leadership, and technopreneurship which is essential in the Era of AI (Artificial Intelligence) in Industry 4.0.

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