Duration: 1 day
Time: 9am to 6pm

What Will Be Taught For This Google Analytics Course?

Google Analytics 101 is a part of series of courses that leads to GAIQ (Google Analytics Individual Qualified). This course is an in-depth, hands-on training day that starts with the basics of Google Analytics, moves-on to defining and understanding key concepts and culminates in an exploration of almost all the standard reports and their meaning. The feedback we received suggests that both those new to Google Analytics and, surprisingly, those much more experienced with Google Analytics find the day equally valuable and enlightening.

Google Analytics 101 is a one-day course aimed at both in-experienced and experienced Google Analytics users with responsibilities in the areas of marketing, content, analysis, sales and web development who need to understand Google Analytics reports in greater detail, interact with Google Analytics and improve the way they go on to use the information presented.

Learning Outcomes

Google Analytics 101 is an overview course that will guide you through learning the user interface, understanding the various types of reports that are available, and how to find actionable insights in your data. While we don't assume you'll have any prior experience with the program, it's a good idea to at least create your account before attending the Google Analytics course.

Here’s what we'll cover:

  • An introduction to web analytics in general, and Google Analytics in particular
  • The dozens of reports Google Analytics provides you "out of the box"
  • Generating actionable insights from your website’s data
  • Measuring business outcomes rather than just counting visitors


  • What is web analytics?
  • The need for web analytics
  • Upcoming changes in Google Analytics v5 (new!)

Getting Started With Google Analytics

  • How Google Analytics works
  • Accounts, profiles, and users
  • Navigating Google Analytics
  • Basic metrics
  • The main sections of Google Analytics reports

Traffic Sources

  • Direct, referring, and search traffic
  • Campaigns
  • AdWords


  • Pages and Landing Pages
  • Event Tracking and AdSense
  • Site Search


  • Unique visitors
  • Geographic and language information
  • Technical reports
  • Benchmarking

Goals & Ecommerce

  • Setting up goals
  • Goal reports
  • Ecommerce tracking

Actionable Insights and the Big Picture

  • Recap of Google Analytics reports and tools
  • Finding actionable insights
  • Getting the organization involved
  • Creating a data-driven culture


Open Q&A

Who Should Attend This Google Analytics Course?

This is the first in the three part Google Analytics series, and assumes no prior knowledge of Google Analytics. For those just getting started or intermediate users looking for a refresher or to fill gaps in their knowledge, Analytics 101 is what you're looking for.


For Google Analytics training, attendees will require on-line administration access to an active (recording some data) Google Analytics account and, if you are using Google AdWords, administrative access to a Google AdWords account for the duration of the training. If you do not have access to an active Google Analytics account, we can provide you with user access to a test account for the duration of the course. However, this is not as good as working with your own data!

A prerequisite of attending the 201 course is having completed the 101 course or possessing equivalent knowledge. A prerequisite of attending the 202 course is having completed the 201 course or possessing equivalent knowledge. Please examine the detailed syllabus of the day you intend to miss to make sure you are fully familiar with all concepts. A prerequisite of attending the 301 course is having completed the 101, 201 and 202 courses or possessing equivalent knowledge.

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Course Fee $480 $513.60


  1. 2 to 4 weeks’ written notice from start date of training - 50% of course fee for cancellation

  2. Less than 2 weeks’ written notice from start date of training - 100% of course fees for postponement or cancellation

  3. ST Electronics (e-Services) Pte Ltd reserves the right to cancel or postpone any course or change the venue due to unforeseen circumstances.

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