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Duration: 2 days
Time: 9am to 6pm

What Will Be Taught For This IT Security Course?

This course sets out concepts relating to the secure use of ICT in daily life and skills used to maintain a secure network connection, use the Internet safely and securely, and manage data and information appropriately. Participants will be well equipped to work with ICT securely and to meet common security challenges when using ICT.

Learning Outcomes

The candidate shall be able to:

  • Understand the key concepts relating to the importance of secure information and data, physical security, privacy and identity theft.
  • Protect a computer, device or network from malware and unauthorized access.
  • Understand the types of networks, connection types and network specific issues including firewalls.
  • Browse the World Wide Web and communicate on the Internet securely.
  • Understand security issues related to communications including e-mail and instant messaging.
  • Back up and restore data appropriately and safely, and securely dispose of data and devices.

Module 1. Security Concepts

  • Data Threats
  • Value of Information
  • Personal Security
  • Understand the term social engineering
  • Effect of enabling/disabling Macro Security
  • File Security
  • Advantage and limitation of encryption
  • Review

Module 2. Malware

  • Definition and Function
  • Types of infectious malware
  • Recognize types of data theft
  • Protection
  • Review

Module 3. Network Security

  • Networks (LAN, WAN, VPN)
  • Network Connections
  • Wireless Security
  • Type of wireless security
  • Access Control
  • Identify common biometric security
  • Review

Module 4. Secure Web Use

  • Web Browsing
  • Understand appropriate setting for allowing, blocking cookies
  • Understand types and purpose of content-control software
  • Be aware of pharming
  • Social Networking
  • Review

Module 5. Communications

  • Understand the purpose of encrypting and decrypting E-Mail
  • Understand the term digital signature
  • Instant Messaging
  • Recognize methods of ensuring confidentiality
  • Review

Module 6. Secure Data Management

  • Securing and Backing Up Data
  • Secure Destruction
  • Review

Who Should Attend This Cybersecurity Training?

This course is intended for learners who wish to equip themselves with the necessary knowledge and skills to use ICT tools in a secure manner.


An understanding of basic Window Operating System.

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