COMAT no longer offers this course.

Duration: 3 days
Time: 9am to 6pm

What Will Be Taught For This Adobe Photoshop Course ?

In this 3 day instructor-led training, participants will learn techniques essential in the design arena – Adobe Bridge, Camera RAW, masks and layers, painting and retouching, filters and output, as well as project management skills and much more.

Module 1: Digital Imaging Concepts
  • Principles of Design
    • Identifying design needs
    • Understanding the Gestalt Principles
    • Design & compositional elements
  • Design Planning
    • Determining design goals
    • Planning & managing a design
    • Appraising a client brief
  • Copyright issues
Module 2: Introducing Photoshop
  • Starting & Navigating Photoshop
  • Opening and saving images
  • Working in Adobe Bridge
  • Placing files in Photoshop
  • Document setup
Module 3: Colour Management in Photoshop
  • Using the Color Settings
  • Implementing Color Management Policies
  • Understanding & using ICC profiles
Module 4: Layers
  • Layer concepts
  • Understanding & using layers
  • Managing layers with the Layers Panel
  • Setting Opacity & Fill
  • Working with Smart Objects
Module 5: Making Selections
  • Understanding selections
  • Using the selection tools
  • Manipulating selections: feathering & anti-aliasing
  • Transforming selections and layers
Module 6: Drawing & Painting
  • Setting Fills, Colours & Gradients
  • Using Photoshop’s Brush Engine
  • Placing & Manipulating Shapes & Shape Layers
Module 7: Masks & Masking
  • Masking concepts
  • Knowing the mask types
  • Creating masks: Layer Mask, Clipping Mask. Alpha mask
Module 8: Blending Modes
  • Overview – what are Blend Modes?
  • Knowing the Blend Modes
  • Blending layers with blend modes
Module 9: Typography
  • Adding & editing text
  • Setting type characteristics & properties
  • Applying text effects
Module 10: Correction & Adjustment
  • Using the correction tools - the Healing tools, the Cloning tools, Patch and Red Eye
  • Making image adjustments
  • Setting & editing adjustment layers
Module 11: Filters
  • Applying Filters
  • Using the Filter Gallery
  • Working with Liquify & Vanishing Point
Module 12: Output
  • Preparing a file for handoff
  • Creating printer marks
  • Using Save for Web

Who Should Attend This Adobe Photoshop Training ?

  • Beginners with no prior knowledge of Photoshop or any version of the program and looking to learning the basic functions of the programme.
  • Anyone interested in kicking start a creative career in graphic design with foundational knowledge in the creation and manipulation of images.
  • Individuals who need to take up design responsibilities or create visual content at work.
  • Advantageous for anyone who wants to craft stunning images, illustrations, logo, advertisements or any other form of graphic design.


No prior knowledge of Adobe Photoshop is required.
Learners are only expected to demonstrate familiarity with the computer – such as the opening and saving of files, navigating the Windows operating system and mouse usage.

  w/o GST w GST
Course Fee $675 $722.25


  1. 2 to 4 weeks’ written notice from start date of training - 50% of course fee for cancellation

  2. Less than 2 weeks’ written notice from start date of training - 100% of course fees for postponement or cancellation

  3. ST Electronics (e-Services) Pte Ltd reserves the right to cancel or postpone any course or change the venue due to unforeseen circumstances.