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To be a competent individual in today’s business world, professionals need to continually upskill and improve themselves to bring value to businesses. In today’s market, businesses worldwide are facing an increasing need to leverage the applications of big data and analytics. No longer a novelty, capitalising on the newer data technologies and applications can help businesses grow their competitive advantage and footprint in the market.

Data analysis is integral to understanding consumer needs and expectations, how they change and are molded by the market, as well as feed important actionable insights into product development and innovation. Data analytics skills and knowledge could very well be the difference between an average company and an exceptionally performing one in the market.

Without big data, businesses will be unable to direct their product development and innovation needs to match and satisfy their consumer needs and expectations. Database training comes in handy as databases are integral to the storing and organising of the company’s data. Database administration experts are sought after for their abilities in designing a company’s database to be efficient and functionally operative. A well-designed and maintained database and administration allows for qualified and expert analysis and use of data, effectively translating into actionable directives for the business.

Enroll In Database Training in Singapore To Improve Administration Skills

Database administration is a highly useful and sought after skill to have in a market that places great emphasis on data analytics and IT capabilities. Professionals handling database administration have good visibility and opportunities to expose themselves to and learn correlating facets of business.

Database administration lies at the core of every business. In database training courses, students will learn possibly one of the most important languages in data today - Structured Query Learning, otherwise known as SQL. Having SQL capabilities can equip database administration professionals with the ability to manage data structures and use the operations necessary in interacting with a database.

Our database courses covers the most widely used programming language, the PL/SQL, as well as training on developing, executing and managing SQL program units and database triggers. Depending on the course picked, students also have a hand at trying the different Oracle Database packages. With the database training we provide in Singapore, students will be adept at designing SQL code, use Oracle supplied packages, write dynamic SQL and create triggers that can solve business problems.

Handling Database Administration? Enroll In Our Database Courses Available In Singapore

A highly sought-after skill, training in database administration and SQL programming language is something everyone can learn. If you are a professional in the field of data analytics, database administration and designing, our database courses may be of interest to you.

COMAT’s achievements are a testament to our mission of delivering training of the highest standards and quality. Professionals interested in enrolling for our database courses can take a look at the different funding schemes we have available as well.

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MCSA: SQL 2016 Database Administration 10 $3,852.00
MCSA: SQL Server 2012/2014 15 $5,778.00










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