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Why Learning is Important for Singapore's Working Professionals

Friday, June 12, 2020

The ongoing pandemic that has affected millions of jobs across the world reminds us of how volatile our global economies can be. Jobs have been halted while demand for new roles in security, healthcare and education has risen in response to the COVID-19 outbreak. In Singapore, temporary jobs through the SGUnited initiative are being made available to workers who must find alternative employment options to financially sustain themselves during the period.

However, COVID-19 is just one of the many external forces that can affect Singapore and its workforce. Global economies can impact one another in many other complex ways. What we need to do is build a strong workforce that is willing to adapt in any given economic situation. This is not possible if we stopped learning.

Lifelong learning is not unfamiliar. We have grown not only to understand the concept of continuous learning but also embrace it as a way to remain relevant in the employment market. Large organisations establish in-house training units to continuously upskill employees and fill the skill gap in the industry, while smaller firms provide similar growth opportunities by encouraging peer-to-peer coaching or partnering with industry leaders.

In Singapore, lifelong learning is a workforce motto - a key driver for economic success and an essential medium for working professionals to keep finding avenues of growth.

Benefits of continuous learning

Through the macro lens, a workforce that continues to learn supports an economy that, in turn, supports its population, even despite global challenges. The fruits of a learned workforce, however, cannot be achieved if each individual does not make learning a priority. To help working professionals embrace the merits of lifelong learning, it is essential to first explore why learning is important for them and how it sets them up for success throughout employment.

1. Enhances confidence

Learning a new skill or honing existing traits, first and foremost, helps to build up your confidence in your abilities. This is stemmed from a feeling of accomplishment after fulfilling a desire to learn. This enhances your motivation to learn more and embark on new challenges.

2. Prepares you for unexpected economic shifts

New economic challenges, like those we are experiencing today, bring about changes that working professionals like you may not have foreseen. Continuous learning thus prepares you to brave unexpected economic shifts that impact your career and keeps you viable for the workforce. Whether you have to make a career switch or take up a newly created role within your line of work, you need to keep learning and your ability to do so further strengthens your confidence in the professional sense.

3. Create opportunities for progression

The knowledge you gain while learning, whether to hone a skill or acquire a new one, opens your mind and leads you to think more innovatively. These increased competencies open doors to a swath of future opportunities that lets you confidently progress in your career.

4. Develops leadership potential

As an avid learner, you are made aware of your growth curve. You can see how far you have come and you know what is required to fulfil your career goals. This lets you pay it forward by fostering lifelong learning in those around you.

A leader is one who can guide others on their path. Your dedication to succeed through learning is a success story for those who want to progress. You can lead them through their journey and build their professional confidence with your own learning experience.

Learning never stops at COMAT. In view of the present situation, we have shifted our courses online so that you can attend trainings safely at home. You may view the list of our online training courses in Microsoft, Cybersecurity and Project Management.

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