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The Benefits of Upskilling Your Employees in Digital Literacy And Cybersecurity

Friday, March 01, 2019

Upskilling employees is important, no matter if you own a giant firm or a startup company. Your staff may expect to go through training courses from time to time, or may seek to work on other aspects of the business. There are a lot of skills that employees need to be trained for, and among those are digital literacy and cybersecurity. Digital literacy and knowledge on cybersecurity have a significant impact not only on the progression of your employee’s career, but also on the growth of your business or organization. Upskilling your staff in digital literacy and cybersecurity will certainly help your company flourish and increase the public’s awareness of your brand. It will also allow you to safeguard your company’s reputation.


Being able to tick off items on a to-do list for work is rewarding and essential. However, learning new skills and taking a step away from one’s comfort zone is also important. A lot of tasks are done digitally now – from shopping, to sending promotions, to booking a venue. Almost everything that society does in this day and age involves some sort of need to be online. This is especially true when it comes to marketing your brand and establishing a relationship with business partners. Giving the right training to upskill employees in digital literacy will yield a number of benefits, such as providing them with the motivation to do their job well and boosting their efficiency.

Improve employee motivation

Currently, industries are affected by the shortage in digital skills. Because of this, organizations are now faced with the challenge of recruiting qualified and competent employees. Since companies, especially the big ones, are competing with each other when it comes to hiring digitally literate professionals, smaller organizations may suffer when they are not able to match the attractive salaries that big companies offer. Despite this demand for digitally skilled professionals, the digital literacy levels around the globe are still surprisingly low. The good news is that a lot of employees also acknowledge that it is necessary for them to improve their digital skills in order do better in their jobs. If you want your company to be digitally competent, it is crucial for you to develop and train your employees’ skills in this aspect. Without the appropriate training, it is likely that they would feel unmotivated, or even disillusioned. Upskilling your staff with digital education will not only provide your employees with new capabilities, but will also encourage them to stay in your company and perform their roles well.

Increase revenue

Digital technologies have already created a significant impact in the economy worldwide. More and more businesses are recognizing the benefits that digital competence can bring, and an increasing number of companies are turning to digital advertising. Having digitally literate employees will help your company take advantage of technological innovations, and thus have more sources of revenue. A lot of consumers are digitally empowered now. They have the ability to research and even do transactions online. To keep up with this, your company needs to utilize the same digital platforms that your potential customers use. This will allow you to connect to them effectively. When your staff has sufficient digital skills, your business will be able to establish better relationships with consumers. It will also help your business to have more presence and convert more customers.

Cut costs

Providing training and upskilling your employees in digital literacy will most likely cost you money. But don’t worry, it will benefit your company in the long run and even help your business save more. As mentioned earlier, skill training will provide your employees with more motivation, which will help your organization save a considerable amount of money. How? For one, you will be able to save on the costs of training newly hired employees because there won’t be much need for employee turnover. Furthermore, you will be able to save on labor fees because your employees’ productivity will increase.

Gain advantage

Some companies might think that having strong digital skills is optional. But practically, it is already a necessity. In this modern world, digital literacy is already an essential part of a competitive business structure. There are certain digital skills that need to be prioritized, such as social media strategy, search engine optimization, and e-mail marketing. However, many organizations still do not digitally engage as much as they should. Digital methods are more measurable and efficient compared to traditional ones. They can streamline processes and make your business more capable in various aspects. Digital tools will give your company more opportunities for development and the chance to be more competitive. However, this digital adoption will only be successful if your employees are also digitally adept. That why skill training is beneficial.


Your company’s cybersecurity can indeed be enhanced with the use of internet firewalls and antivirus software. It is great to put effort on enhancing security technology, but you must not forget about the role that your employees play in maintaining your cybersecurity. You may be recruiting competent employees, but you cannot just assume that they are knowledgeable enough when it comes to keeping personal and official data safe.

Malware, hacking, and phishing can compromise your security, but so can human error. Besides, most malicious attempts succeed because a user is tricked or because a mistake has weakened a network’s defense. Being busy with their daily tasks is enough for employees to be susceptible to phishing emails and other malicious attempts. And it is important to acknowledge the fact that your employees are great risks to your company’s cybersecurity, especially if they do not have the proper training. If your staff does not have sufficient skills when it comes to internet security, it would be easy for hackers to take advantage of your employees’ lack of awareness.

There are a lot of employees who use their devices and connect to an open Wi-Fi, without knowing that it could put the company network’s security at risk. Such employees can be victimized by hackers, and as a result, compromise the organization’s reputation. You can avoid this by helping them improve their related skills.

Some people think that only big corporations are targeted by hackers, and that small businesses are safe from attempts. However, this is not the case. While it is true that a lot of hacking attempts are aimed towards high-profile companies, there are also attacks done at random – sometimes, they are even automated. So, even if you own a business that is relatively small, you would still benefit from enhancing your staff’s knowledge about cybersecurity. It would help protect your company’s finances and reputation.

Keep up with technological changes

There are always new technological innovations, including new ways to keep networks secure. But of course, hackers would catch up and improve their techniques as well. They make use of complex methods in breaching networks and stealing information. That is why it matters that you have staff that is cyber-savvy. Employees who have the training, awareness, and skills in cybersecurity can serve as barriers between your company’s network and the hackers.

Increase employee awareness

When employees are given sufficient training, they gain knowledge about cybersecurity and get an insight about how people behave online. They will be able to understand surfing habits, techniques that hackers use, social media interaction, usage of various devices, and internet security policies. This employee awareness will provide long-term benefits to your company.

Avoid Risks

Helping employees become aware will allow them to avoid risks posed by the lack of knowledge. Additionally, having IT staff who are skilled will help you identify the security concerns in your company.

Establish a Secure Environment

If your employees are upskilled in cybersecurity, it would be easier for you to create a secure and strong environment within your company. Since there will be fewer security breaches, the costs associated to them will also be reduced, allowing your company to increase its savings. Furthermore, your IT staff will be able to take the necessary action in the event of a breach. This will help keep your customers’ information safe, which is a common target for hackers. Training your employees in cybersecurity will also help your company execute related policies, standards, and processes.

Provide better customer service

As said earlier, having cybersecurity literate employees will help reinforce your company network’s defenses. Having improved security means that you will be more able to protect your customers’ information. This, as a result, can encourage customers to continue doing business with your company.


When it comes to upskilling your employees, it might seem like a great idea to bombard them with a lot of training courses, one after the other. It would be nice for them to know that you are serious about helping them improve their skills, right? However, you must know that it can also overwhelm them and maybe even intimidate them. The most efficient way to upskill your employees is to choose the most appropriate program for each team or individual. And of course, it is important that you choose a reputable and professional trainer that has adequate experience and expertise.


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