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Project Management – Achieving Results with Agility

Wednesday, November 06, 2019

Creativity has reached all highs in this century – businesses are finding new ways to stay afloat amid rising competition in a market of ideas, products and solutions. What then brings about such innovations and how do organisations keep developing successfully in order to meet consumer demands against changing market conditions?

The answer lies in effective project management. While a company may have many ideas for new products and services, development teams must work intelligently in bringing that idea to reality.

Project management thus, as the term suggests, is the application of a set of knowledge and technical capabilities within projects to achieve their desired requirements within a specific timeframe.


Why effective project management is necessary?

A failed product, one that lacks the ability to fully function or does not reflect the idea conceived, is of no use. Often, an unsuccessful project is a result of an inefficient workflow that does not fare well within the dynamic nature of project management.

Problems may arise, clients could have a change of mind, a system may not perform as well as the idea had envisioned or the market demand had inevitably evolved. What should the team do?

This is best illustrated in Agile working environments where the team is empowered to re-strategise their workplans so that they can address feedback and continue to achieve desired results throughout the developmental stage. At the heart of it all is an effective and impactful project leader. He/she understands the fundamentals behind leading a team and applies agile practices to achieve an optimised workflow that is receptive to change. Successful project management is thus the driving force behind the world’s leading innovations which cannot be achieved without a team that is trained to work in volatile settings.


The art of agile methodologies in IT

At COMAT, we train IT project managers, planners, designers as well as programmers on the fundamentals and application of Agile methodologies in the workplace. As the Agile model expects project requirements to evolve throughout the developmental cycle, Agile-trained managers will be better equipped with the technical skills to adjust work plans and address changes in the course of the project.

Such a flexible work process, as opposed to a rigid and sequential structure, allows for the testing of software while it is being developed. Since the Agile method focuses on delivering customer’s needs, it continuously addresses the changing demand of the target market through an iterative developmental approach where planning, prototyping, development and testing take place several times in a cycle.


Project management training

We believe in equipping project leaders with the necessary skillset they need so that they can empower their teams to respond to market trends in far more efficient ways.

Being certified in Agile gives you the competitive edge not only in the IT industry but also in other occupational domains that function in volatile climates. However, the learner is advised to reach out to established education providers that offer certification courses that are recognised by local and global industries. This also ensures that the learner is trained by experienced practitioners, promising quality content, delivery and execution.

At COMAT, we work closely with the intentionally-renowned Project Management Institute (PMI). PMI helps to prepare professionals around the world for the upcoming Project Economy where work and individuals are organised around projects and function within dynamic environments.

The PMI-Agile Certified Practitioner (ACP) Training aims to prepare project managers and those occupying similar positions for the PMI-ACP ® examination so that they can be Agile-certified in Singapore. From stakeholder engagement to problem detection, participants will learn the underlying principles and techniques required to create a more people-oriented and adaptive workflow for their teams with Agile that focuses on continuous improvement within a cyclical developmental process.

For more Agile-related courses offered by COMAT, click here.


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