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Microsoft Azure Training: Essentials for an IT Career in Singapore

Monday, June 29, 2020

By 2025, four out of five businesses will operate on the cloud and the developer community will grow 10 times its current size to meet the surging demand. These statistics, drawn from Oracle’s Cloud Predictions, are illustrative of one key fact: cloud computing will remain relevant for the decades to come, making it one of the preferred professional paths for those keen on developing their IT career in Singapore.

While all major cloud services providers offer certifications and related career paths, Microsoft Azure takes a different approach by awarding role-based certifications designed to address the demand for specific job functions in the cloud domain. This means more specialised tracks for both aspiring cloud practitioners and professionals who want to explore a career change.

Cloud computing with Azure in Singapore

In Singapore, cloud computing is a strong enabler in its Smart Nation plan as the country works towards leading technological innovation and implementation in the region. However, each industry has various cloud needs which require the expertise of multiple skilled specialists. Microsoft Azure offers a structured solution to meet the demand - training the next generation of IT practitioners to be cloud-ready is therefore essential.

Key Microsoft Azure essentials to kickstart IT career in cloud computing

Microsoft Azure’s role-based training structure covers three levels of certification – Fundamentals, Associate and Expert. With these, IT professionals can enjoy both horizontal and vertical career growth when they train with Azure, enhancing their employability in Singapore and beyond.

Prerequisites  No prerequisites but some general IT knowledge will be beneficial. Related Fundamental certifications will be useful but not mandatory.  Associate certifications are required for many Expert certifications. 

Microsoft Certified Azure Fundamentals (AZ-900)

The Azure Fundamentals course will expose you to foundational cloud concepts, Microsoft Azure services and basics in, for example, cloud security and compliance.  

Microsoft Azure Administrator Associate (AZ-103)

The Administrator Associate course will expand your competencies in Azure and teach you how to implement, monitor and maintain services relating to, among others, storage security and network.

Microsoft Azure Developer Associate (AZ-204)

The Developer Associate course trains you in all areas of development, which includes designing, building, testing and maintaining the solutions while coordinating with administrators and clients.

Microsoft Azure Security Engineer Associate (AZ-500)

The Security Engineer Associate course prepares you for a crucial role in cloud security, of which key competencies include security controls, threat protection, data and network protection.  

Microsoft Azure Solutions Architect Expert (AZ-300/301)

This Expert certification requires you to take two exams to test your capabilities in Architect Technologies and Architect Design. The former involves deploying, configuring and implementing various Azure services while the latter focuses on all design processes, from identity and security to infrastructure strategies.  

Who should take them  Azure training for Fundamental certifications is ideal for those who have just stepped into the field of technology, whether in Singapore or elsewhere in the world, as well as professionals considering a career change.  Associate certifications are ideal for those who have at least two years of comprehensive working experience in the technology industry.  Those with two to five years of deep technical expertise will find the Microsoft Azure Expert certification training useful for developing their IT careers in Singapore. 

For more information on how you can customise Microsoft Azure training to support your career growth in Singapore, reach out to us! You may also explore training courses in Agile and Cyber Security to complement your cloud competencies.


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