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10 industries that need skilled AWS practitioners today and tomorrow

Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud is known to effectively improve business operations, all at reduced IT costs as businesses hand over the building and maintenance of necessary infrastructures to a third-party. These services span across various industries, which translates to a demand for IT practitioners with AWS certification to help support cloud migration, deployment and management.

We look at 10 industries that need certified AWS practitioners today and the years to come.

1. Automotive

The automotive industry has been quick to adopt cloud technology to scale business operations, boost productivity and generate increased revenue. By 2025, cloud computing in the automotive industry will reach US$9.62 billion. Some of the ways the technology has enhanced the sector’s performance include powering on-demand transportation platforms of the shared mobility sector, as well as supporting simulation and design processes to speed up time to market. AWS is the cloud service provider for a variety of automotive brand names such as Ford, Volkswagen and Nissan, providing cloud capabilities across such functions. More is yet to come!

2. Healthcare

Cloud delivers critical infrastructure to the healthcare sector as it enhances patient care and clinical efficiency. These include, but are not limited to, gathering patient insights to improve diagnosis, research and forecasting outcomes. AWS has also been at the forefront providing solutions to healthcare institutions as they manage the surge in clinical and operational demand during the COVID-19 pandemic, from managing triage patients with a cloud-based contact centre to supporting global research for treatments with a remote workforce. Such capabilities signify the potential of AWS’ cloud capabilities in developing customised solutions for healthcare needs, which renders AWS certification holders an important manpower resource in this industry.

3. Manufacturing

AWS cloud has helped numerous manufacturers in their digital transformation journey by implementing industry 4.0 strategies across various business functions. Product developers of today, for instance, benefit from using model-based design and large-scale parallel simulations with unlimited computing capabilities, and production managers introduce smart factory solutions, which include the use data visualisation and analytic tools to manage production processes and other related functions.

4. Consumer Packaged Goods

Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) companies such as Unilever, Coca Cola and Kellogg’s utilise AWS services for such smart factory solutions as well as intelligent supply chain strategies to optimise business operations and increase productivity. They also benefit from enhanced consumer engagement by providing data-informed customer experiences through artificial intelligence and machine learning. AWS practitioners will indefinitely be a valuable resource for IT developments and employment in the manufacturing and packaged goods sectors.

5. Power & Utilities

The power and utility industry also enjoy operational and cost efficiencies with cloud implementation. Among the various benefits, this technology enables energy providers and grid operators to provide maximum customer experience. The development platform by AWS, for instance, play a critical role in achieving this - new applications can be made to address various touchpoints such as outage detection and corrective service as well as managing household energy usage. Energy consumption will rise alongside the creation of smart cities, making cloud computing useful and effective leverage for businesses in this sector.

6. Education

The education sector has evolved tremendously over the past decades and with cloud computing, the opportunities are endless. Today, we see the growing demand for blended learning where online and traditional offline teaching pedagogies are merged to create more flexible and learner-centred curriculums across all levels of institutions and online learning platforms. AWS paves the way for cloud-based education with its various services. One of these includes the Desktop-as-a-Service, Amazon Workspaces, with which both students and educators can have access to teaching and learning software remotely on their own devices with a smarter desktop delivery strategy. IT practitioners with AWS certification can find ways to implement such cloud solutions to improve the quality of education experience.

7. Retail

From managing cross-location operations to gaining accurate and detailed customer insights for improved personalisation, the retail industry revels in the benefits that cloud computing brings. AWS helps retail companies capture customers along the journey by, among other strategies through its suite of technologies, implementing cross-channel experiences, and providing detailed and real-time customer insights. AWS-trained practitioners can find suitable opportunities in this area too.

8. Finance

AWS provides resilient global cloud infrastructure to financial services institutions across functions including banking, insurance, capital markets and payments, as they adapt to changing needs of the industry and its stakeholders. From customer service delivery and risk management models in banking to secure and resilient cloud payment systems, AWS practitioners will need to meet the demand for innovative and customised solutions and improved customer experiences in the years to come.

9. Advertising & Marketing

Cloud applications in the advertising and marketing sector are plenty. What stands out is their ability to collect, process and analyse rich data on customer behaviours that in turn enable advertisers and marketers to personalise their engagement with the target markets and achieve better conversion. Being able to employ various AWS services to achieve such outcomes will require the need for certified practitioners to support advertising and marketing success globally.

10. Telecom

While AWS helps telecom operators accelerate data consolidation and migration to the cloud, it is also a key driver of 5G capabilities that enable next-generation functionalities in smart devices and networks and monetise IoT applications. Looking at 5G as the future and getting ready for the advancements that come thereafter, AWS will be the preferred choice of cloud provider for leading communications service providers in the world like Vodafone.

AWS training will beneficial among those keen to start or develop a career in IT. Aspiring IT professionals, whether in Singapore or elsewhere, will find numerous opportunities across industries with an AWS certification. For current practitioners, upskilling with AWS training will keep them economically relevant in the ever-changing IT sector.

Attain your AWS certification with COMAT in Singapore and be part of a cloud-driven economy!

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