A Complete Guide to Government Grants for IT courses in Singapore

Looking for IT training courses? Before you apply, check if you are eligible for the following government grants in Singapore! Learn more here.


10 industries that need skilled AWS practitioners today and tomorrow

The AWS certification will open doors to numerous opportunities across industries. Click here to find out where you can apply AWS cloud computing skills!


Cloud Computing Trends in 2020: What To Look Out For

With many organisations adopting cloud computing technologies, we explore some of the key trends we can look out for in 2020. Click here to learn more.


Microsoft Azure Training: Essentials for an IT Career in Singapore

With our Smart Nation initiative, the demand for Microsoft Azure specialists will rise – start training with COMAT to boost your employability in Singapore!


What the COVID-19 Outbreak Teaches Us About Cybersecurity

Being more tech-reliant during the COVID-19 outbreak raises concerns pertaining to cybersecurity beyond Singapore. We discuss why it needs more attention.


Why Learning is Important for Singapore's Working Professionals

Nations depend on a workforce that continues to upskill and sustain its economy. That said, how is lifelong learning beneficial to working professionals?


Reasons Why An AWS Certification Will Set You Up For Success Today

AWS is among the world’s leading providers of cloud technologies - find out why AWS certifications will set you up for success and develop your IT career.


How Will AI and Machine Learning Disrupt The Future Job Market In Singapore

As artificial intelligence and machine learning drive much of Industry 4.0, we explore three key disruptions our local workforce will face in the years to come.

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