Finding Zero-day with Fuzzing Seminar (Registration Closed)

21 September 2017
2pm to 5pm
COMAT Training Services


Vulnerabilities relevant to security in applications are among the most frequent attack targets in company IT systems. Traditional security tools only enable the identification of KNOWN attacks that exploit KNOWN vulnerabilities. Hence, they cannot be used to detect new attacks and new types of attacks. Cost-effective, tool-based Fuzzing techniques help to identify yet UNKNOWN (zero-day) security relevant bugs. To date, Fuzzing techniques have achieved good results in identifying critical vulnerabilities which are exploitable from the Internet - despite a high security standard in the programming guidelines.

This seminar is designed to demonstrate Fuzzing techniques to discover (known and unknown) security loopholes in software, operating systems or networks by inputting massive amounts of random data (called fuzz) to the system. As such, this seminar is aimed for anyone who has an interest in and who want to know more about how to find zero-day vulnerability in any IT system.

Seminar Outline:

  • Introduction to Fuzzing
  • Demonstration on Fuzzing Techniques

Terms and Conditions

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