Digital Transformation Seminar

25 October 2017
2pm to 5pm
Lifelong Learning Institute
Event Hall 2-1


Our external environment is changing at an unprecedented pace and the rate of change is anticipated to accelerate. Organizational transformation is increasingly a necessity for survival in this hyper-competitive age. Successful organizations are equally at risk if adapting to change is not on the top management’s agenda. Why is traditional management approach ineffective in transforming organizations? What are the key challenges of managing work and performance? What are the opportunities can be tapped from the digital disruption? How to response to increasing threats in the connected world of the digital economy? The first talk by Mr. Tan, the co-author of the business book - Leading Change that Matter: Making Adoption a Reality, will provide you with a pragmatic framework and proven people-centric change and innovation strategies to help you lead and shape your future.

Along with the digital disruptions, the cyber threats to the organization have also increased many folds. What are the key challenges in the battle to secure the digital environment of an organization? What are the approaches can an organization adopt and how to respond to these threats from the digital world? The second talk by Mr. Wong, will provide you with insights on latest cyber threats and practical strategies to counter them.


  • To appreciate the acceleration toward a digital future and the threats from the cyber world
  • To explore the opportunities and threats that cannot be ignored
  • To engage the organization for digital transformation


  • Talk 1: Digital Transformation – by Tan Kim Leng (45 min)
    • The accelerating change – what has changed?
    • Inspiration and desperation – why do we change?
    • Opportunities and threats – what really matter?
    • Making transformation happen – how to shape our future?
  • Talk 2: Cyber Threats and Safe Guards – by Mr. Robert Wong (45 min)
    • The Cyber Security landscape – what is the current trend
    • Challenges in defending against threats
    • Planning against threats and the first steps
  • Talk 3: Digital Transformation with Enterprise Architecture (45 min)
    • Latest tactics and best practices to help IT leaders and business stakeholders formulate digital strategies
    • Overcome new challenges for the Digital Business Transformation
    • Methodology- How to implementation a digital business
    • Competency requirement for the Digital Transformation process
    • Case studies on enterprises have adopted a successful transition toward digital maturity


Tan Kim Leng, Managing Director
KDi Asia Pte Ltd

Robert Wong, Director and Principal Consultant
KDi Asia Pte Ltd

Morgan Rasan, Enterprise Architect Trainer Consultant

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