Leadership Development (LD)

Leadership Development Programmes are highly customised learning solutions for teams and organisations, to address their performance gaps and challenges at work, so as to meet the desired outcomes / objectives of the organisations.

Given our deep expertise in the Leadership Development field , we hope to partner with organisations in their leadership and professional development journey, to equip and empower their workforce to be future-ready.

AGILITY Competency Framework
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Integrated ADDIE Approach to Leadership Development & Delivery

We adopt an Integrated ADDIE approach in the provision of leadership development and delivery. The approach is agile and adaptable to the various types of programmes and target audience, so as to meet the intent and requirements. The ADDIE Model stands for Analysis, Design, Develop, Implement and Evaluate.

  • Focus Group Discussion with Stakeholders / Clients / Target Audience
  • Surveys
  • Interviews
  • Documentation Review
  • Assessment Tools
Design & Develop
  • Establish Desired Learning Outcomes to address Performance Gaps
  • Identify Workplace Challenges & Contexts for Learning Interventions
  • Develop Experiential Learning Methods (e.g. case studies, role-plays, activities, reflections, discussions, story telling, etc)
  • Learning Platforms (Blended Learning and /or Face-to-Face Learning)
  • Duration and Format (Workshop / Seminar Style)
  • Provide Training Management & Administration Support for Pre, During and Post training
Kirkpatrick Model - the Worldwide Standard for Evaluating the Learning Effectiveness
  • Level 1 Reaction - evaluates how participants respond to the training
  • Level 2 Learning - measures if they actually learned the material
  • Level 3 Behavior - considers if they are using what they learned on the job
  • Level 4 Results - evaluates if the training positively impacted the organization

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