Course Dates

JUL: 26-28

Timing: 9am – 6pm
Duration: 3 days
Course Fee (excluding GST) $750
7% GST on Nett Course Fee $52.50
Nett Fee Payable (inclusive of GST) $802.50

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Adobe Certified Expert in Photoshop

What Will Be Taught For This Adobe Photoshop Course ?

Adobe Photoshop is now considered a “must have” skill for anyone involved with digital images.

This 3-day course prepares learners to take the Adobe Certified Expert exam in Adobe Photoshop.

Participants will learn how to navigate the new dark Photoshop interface; work with layers; make and manipulate selections; apply colours, fills, gradients and patterns; paint with brushes; use Layer Styles; draw Shapes and simple vectors; learn masking and channel techniques; employ a variety of corrections and adjustments; create web and 3D imagery; use automation; perform simple video edits; and prepare outputs for prepress.


Course Outline

Module 1: The Photoshop Workspace
  • The Interface
  • The Workspace
  • Finding Photoshop resources
Module 2: Setting Preferences
  • Understand the Preference settings
  • Setting Photoshop’s Preferences
  • Repairing corrupted Preferences
  • Apply colour management settings to the workflow
Module 3: Layer Management
  • Layer Comps
  • Blending Modes
Module 4: Masks & Masking
  • Knowing the Mask types
  • Creating a Quick Mask
  • Creating clipping masks
  • Layer Masking
  • Vector/Shape Mask
  • Image enhancement using Luminosity Masks
  • Creating Masks from Channels: Luminance Masking
  • Working with the Masks Panel
Module 5: Brushes & Painting
  • The Brush Engine
  • Painting with the Mixer Brush
Module 6: Vector Drawing
  • Drawing & selecting with the Pen tool
  • Converting selection outlines
  • Creating Shape layers
  • Importing from Illustrator
Module 7: Photo Correction & Enhancement
  • Working with Camera RAW
  • Replacing & matching colour
  • Healing & repairing
  • Using Content Aware
  • Using Image Adjustments & Adjustment layers
Module 8: Channels
  • Understanding Channels
  • Working with Channels
  • Channel Blending
  • Channel Techniques
Module 9: Advanced Composition
  • Using Auto Align & Auto Blend
  • Altered reality – using Puppet Warp
  • Advanced Filters
Module 10: Animation & Video
  • Animation
  • Creating & editing Video
Module 11: Preparing Web Images
  • Slicing images
  • Publishing HTML & images
  • Using Zoomify
  • Creating an image gallery with Bridge
Module 12: Automation
  • Overview to Actions
  • Working with the Actions Panel
  • Recording Actions
  • Managing action sets
  • Batch Processing – creating a Droplet
Module 13: 3D in Photoshop
  • Creating & manipulating 3D objects
  • Positioning 3D objects
  • Creating materials
  • Lighting the scene
  • Animating effects
  • Rendering
Module 14: Output
  • Preparing a file for hand-off
  • Specifying colour-management settings
  • Proofing an image
  • Printing in Photoshop


Who Should Attend This Adobe Photoshop Training ?

  • Individuals in the creative industries such as designers, publishers, pre-press professionals and marketing communications professionals looking to gain recognition from their employers.
  • Freelance creatives intending to attract new businesses and projects by differentiating themselves from competitors.
  • Anyone with advanced level skills in Photoshop and wants to master their grasp in the programme.


Familiarity with Adobe Photoshop is required to take this course – learners will either have taken a Foundation course, or evidence experience with using the software.
Learners are also expected to demonstrate familiarity with the computer – such as the opening and saving of files, navigating the Windows operating system and mouse usage.


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