Duration: 2 days
Time: 9am to 5.30pm

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What Will Be Taught For This Excel Financial Modelling Course?

Financial modeling is used regularly by operating businesses to make a variety of decisions. This workshop is designed especially to provide financial professionals looking to build complex models for financial, real investments and development projects using Excel. Properties with multiple complex leases particularly benefit from the use of Excel spreadsheets to evaluate the effect of leases terminating and being renewed overtime. It can also be used to evaluate complex iterative scenarios with multiple options. The course material is covered comprehensively over two days with a combination of lectures and practice problems. The overall objective is to integrate financial concepts with accessible but powerful Excel tools to facilitate greater analytical accuracy and rapid investment analysis.

  • Integrate financial concepts with accessible but powerful Excel tools to facilitate greater analytical accuracy and rapid investment analysis
  • Construct flexible and reusable models which can be applied to a wide range of different investment scenarios
  • Understand how to interpret the results of the excel models to analyze the risks and returns of the investment projects

Excel Functions And Tools
In addition to covering a wide range of finance topics, the course specifically covers the following Excel tools and functions.

Learning Outcome

Through a combination of case studies, practical exercises and Excel based models you will learn how to adjust and apply the theoretical techniques used. Delegates are encouraged to ask questions and highlight areas of particular interest. The concepts taught are designed to be of practical benefit to attendees and are transferable to the workplace.

Module 1. Building Financial Models
  • What is modeling?
  • Spreadsheet uses and limitations
  • Modeling with flow charts and influence diagrams
  • Spreadsheet design principles
  • Graphing and presentation of outputs
  • Practice Case – Fruitty Belle
  • Constructing Influence Diagram
Module 2. Financial Statement Modeling
  • Core Excel functions
  • Structuring a cash flow and amortization
  • Line by line building up of cash flows
  • Typical cash flow issues
  • Using financial statement models for valuation
  • Practice Case -The Boatman
  • Analysis of Financial Statements
Module 3. Investment Modeling
  • Review of Time Value of Money and DCF techniques
  • Use and calculation of discount rates
  • Weighted average cost of capital
  • Payback
  • Practice Case -The Clover Residences Concept of Time Value of Money
  • Financial Functions
  • Using NPV, IRR, MIRR, etc and understanding its limitations
  • Investment modeling techniques
  • Practice Case - Balcones Investments Investment Analysis
Module 4. Building Your Own Models
  • Modeling with what - if analysis, sensitivity analysis, Scenario analysis & Monte Carlo simulation
  • Building your own financial models
  • Planning the financial model
  • Setting up the input, workings, output and other sheet(s)
  • Practice Case - Manchini Investment Group/Making investment decisions

Who Should Attend This Excel Financial Modelling Course Training?

Designed for business and finance professionals such as Finance Controllers, Strategy Directors, Risk Analysts, Financial Advisors and Accountants who need to explore the practical usage of advanced Excel functions to measure business performance.

This course is intended for:

  • Lending Bankers/Real Estate Finance Executives
  • Analysts
  • Financial Managers and Consultants
  • Fund Managers
  • Investment Bankers and Consultants
  • Lawyers and Accountants
  • Corporate Property Managers
  • Property Fund Management Staff
  • Property Analysts and Developers
  • Real Estate Investors
  • Insurance Professionals
  • Valuers
  • Leasing Executives
  • Securitization Executives


Participants will need to have at least a fundamental understanding of the basics of finance and be familiar with how to use Microsoft Excel, but will not need to have any prior modeling experience. This course will be conducted using Excel 2013 and anyone familiar with other versions of Excel will not be disadvantaged as the concepts and the spreadsheet functions and formulas remains unchanged.

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  1. 2 to 4 weeks’ written notice from start date of training - 50% of course fee for cancellation

  2. Less than 2 weeks’ written notice from start date of training - 100% of course fees for postponement or cancellation

  3. ST Electronics (e-Services) Pte Ltd reserves the right to cancel or postpone any course or change the venue due to unforeseen circumstances.

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