Course Dates
  MAY: 21-22
  JUN: 21-22
  JUL: 30-31
  AUG: 20-21

  Duration: 2 days
  Time: 9am to 6pm

Course Fee (excluding GST) $420
7% GST on Nett Course Fee $29.40
Nett Fee Payable (inclusive of GST) $449.40


For Singapore Citizen/PR

Course Fee (excluding GST) $420
7% GST on Nett Course Fee $29.40
Nett Fee Payable (inclusive of GST) $449.40
 Skills Future Funding1 $289
Course Fee after 80% Skills Future Funding, capped at $17 per hour (inclusive of GST) $160.40

1 Singapore Citizens aged ≥ 21 years.


For Singapore Citizen ≥ 35 years with earning ≤ $2,000/month

Course Fee (excluding GST) $420
7% GST on Nett Course Fee $29.40
Nett Fee Payable (inclusive of GST) $449.40
WTS Funding2 $399
Course Fee after 95% WTS Funding1 (inclusive of GST) $50.40

2 Singapore Citizens aged ≥ 35 years and earning ≤ $2,000/month.


For SMEs-Sponsored Singapore Citizen/PR

Course Fee (excluding GST) $420
7% GST on Nett Course Fee $29.40
Nett Fee Payable (inclusive of GST) $449.40
Enhanced Training Support for SMEs3 $378
Course Fee after 90% Enhanced Training Support SMEs Funding2 (inclusive of GST)

3 Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) - sponsored Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents.


For Singapore Citizen aged ≥ 40 years

Course Fee (excluding GST) $420
7% GST on Nett Course Fee $29.40
Nett Fee Payable (inclusive of GST) $449.40
Skills Future Mid-Career Enhancement Funding4
Course Fee after Skills Future Mid-Career Enhancement Funding3 (inclusive of GST)

4 Singapore Citizens aged ≥ 40 years.

  • All prices stated above are in Singapore Dollars (SGD). This funding support is only applicable for Singapore Citizen and Permanent Residents.
  • Participants entitled to Workfare Training Support can enjoy 95% course fee funding on NICF courses.
  • Trainee must pass all assessment within 3 months to qualify for NICF Funding.
  • Trainee undertakes to reimburse ST Electronics (e-Services) FULL course fees should he/she be ineligible for course fee grant. ST Electronics (e-Services) is not liable for any other funding not approved by WDA.
  • Trainees must be competent for all assessments before they are eligible for NICF funding.
  • ST Electronics (e-Services) reserves the right to change the date or venue without prior notice.
  • ST Electronics (e-Services) reserves the right to cancel or reschedule the course due to class size or unforeseen circumstances.

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ICDL Module 5: ES WSQ - Perform Advanced Database Functions (Microsoft Access 2013 Fast Track)

What Will Be Taught For This Microsoft Access Course?

This course provides the basis for the practice-based test for ICDL Module 5 Perform Advanced Database Functions exam.

This course enables the participant to operate effectively at more than a basic level of competence and be able to realize much of the potential of the database application. The participant shall be able to use the database to organize, extract, view and report on data using what are deemed to be advanced data management skills. The participant shall understand the variety of ways that data can be related and organized. In addition the candidate shall be able to run and record simple macros and to import, export and link data.


Course Outline

  • Module 1. Designing Advanced Queries
  • Module 2. Creating Action Queries
  • Module 3. Using Advanced Query Wizards
  • Module 4. Using Advanced Form Design
  • Module 5. Using Advanced Report Design
  • Module 6. Using Subforms/Subreports
  • Module 7. Using Other Form Techniques
  • Module 8. Creating Macros
  • Module 9. Using Macros
  • Module 10. Using Advanced Database Features
  • Module 11. Exporting Data
  • Module 12. Exporting Data to Excel and Word


Who Should Attend This Microsoft Access Training?

  • For professionals across a broad spectrum of industries such as PA, EA, VA, Administrator, Secretary, Customer Services Executives and much more looking to achieve a more advanced proficiency in Microsoft Access 2013.
  • Anyone seeking to use Microsoft Access 2013 for advanced data management and analysis in home or small businesses.


An understanding of MS Access 2013 basic and intermediate level is required.

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