Tendering, Cost Estimation and Risk Analysis for Project Manager

Tendering, Cost Estimation and Risk Analysis for Project Managers

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What Will Be Taught For This Course?

This course is designed for sales personnel, bid managers, project personnel and technical consultants responsible for responding to tenders. The course aims to prepare the participants with the necessary knowledge and skills in reviewing tender documents, understanding thoroughly the requirements of the tender and, thereby, conducting a complete and accurate scoping of the requirements of the tender.

This thorough scoping will lead to the estimation of the project cost including ensuring that a complete and comprehensive risk assessment has been made and all project considerations have been taken into account.

The Instructor will be going through case studies so as to induce training effectiveness and increase knowledge transfer during the training. Group activities would also be incorporated to encourage knowledge consolidation, recapturing of knowledge, team building and effective learning.

Learning Outcomes

A key take away will be a set of comprehensive checklists that address the various combinations of project situations that company commonly face in the tenders that they respond to.

The Tendering Process

A general introduction to the overall Tendering process from the customer perspective.

Review of Standard Tender Documents

A sample government tender and private tender will be reviewed to understand the format of the tender document and determine what is expected of the proposer.

Project Considerations

The participants will review the important considerations that need to be made when evaluating and responding to the tenders that they work on, such as, Financing, Partnership, Cost, Competition, Account Management, Degree of Domain Knowledge, Risks, Forex Issues, Tax Matters, etc

The Bid Team
  • A generic Bid Team is reviewed.
Planning Your Solution
  • The planning process
  • Tools and Techniques in Planning
Understanding Contracts
  • Types of contracts
  • Understanding the various contract types and the pro’s and con’s of each
Selecting Your Vendors/Partners
  • Vendor Audit and Selection and Joint Ventures
The Requirements
  • The importance of Gathering Requirements
  • Types of Requirements, etc
Cost Estimation
  • Estimation Principles – Why, When, Who - What is an Estimate?
  • What parameters to Estimate?
  • Introduction to Cost Estimating Process
  • Understanding the types of cost estimating methods
  • Economic principles – concepts such as economies/diseconomies of scales, productivity, reuse, learning curves are used to illustrate additional methods to improve cost estimates
  • Project Financing
NPV and Financing Models
  • What is NPV?
  • The common used formula related to NPV
The Proposal
  • Developing an effective proposal flow
  • Preparing a proposal preparation checklist
  • Preparing a management summary
  • Aesthetics
The Value Proposition
  • Defining and understanding what is customer value proposition
  • Develop a customer value proposition framework
  • Tools and techniques to construct a customer value proposition
Group Sharing
  • Cost Management
  • Scope Management
  • WIP Management
Risk Estimation & handling
  • Risk Management Principles
  • Risk Management Process
  • Risk Identification
  • Risk Prioritisation
  • Risk Response
  • Risk Monitoring and Control
Negotiation Techniques
  • Understanding effective negotiation methods
  • Do’s and Don’ts during a negotiation
  • Achieving WIN-WIN

A generic, comprehensive Checklist, pre-prepared based on the considerations that were discussed earlier, will be handout out to the participants for discussion. The focus will be on how to use the checklist, how it can be modified to suit the unique nature of the tenders faced by each BU and recommended improvements for the generic checklist.

Who Should Attend This Training?

Sales personnel, Consultants and Project professionals responsible for preparing and giving inputs during the tendering process.

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Course Fee $950 $1016.50

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  Duration: 3 days
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