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Social Media Immersion 101

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What Will Be Taught For This Social Media Course?

This 1 day training targets personnel that need to understand the fundamental shift in how people find your organization and more importantly in how your potential members of the public communicate on the Internet. Participants of this course will learn the impact of social media culture and social networking platforms on community engagement communication, practices and processes. Participants will also learn how to utilize social tools and employ strategies to increase organization’s visibility, sustaining reputation and empower members and volunteers to be your virtual delegates on the internet.

In summary, this 1 day training, participants will learn:

  1. What is Social Media and their trends
  2. How you can use Social Media to your Organization’s Advantage
  3. How to use Social Media collaboratively
  4. Using Analytics to measure you Social Media Immersion success

This course will be conducted using various instructional method mainly: Instructor led (40%), Hands-On Online Simulations (10%), Case Studies (25%), Group Discussions (15%)

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this 1 day training, participants will be able to:

  1. Create a plan on how to use Social Media in promoting branding
  2. Use social media tools and apply key features
  3. Use analytical tools to measure the success of social media usage

Module 1: Social Media, Web 2.0 to Web 3.0 and Future Trends

  • Social Media and Current Social Networking Trends (Web 2.0 Web 3.0?)
  • Social Media Potential to Improve community engagement, communication, practices and processes
  • Group discussion: Present and Future of Social Networking Potential for Organizations

Module 2: Collaborating Social Media Tools – Working as ONE

  • Popular Social Media Tools and How They are Linked Together
  • Using Twitter for updates
  • Using Facebook, LinkedIn to manage members
  • Using Blogger, Tumblr and YouTube to create content
  • Using Forums for discussion
  • Advantage and disadvantage of each tool
  • Hands-On Online Simulator: Combining various social media tools to work together

Module 3: Best Practices and Approach to Social Media

  • Planning Process
  • Defining Goals and Target Audience
  • Analyzing Stakeholders and Responses
  • Personal Project: Social Media Integration Plan for My Organization

Module 4: Analytics for Social Media Success

  • Measuring Success and Return on Investment
  • Group discussion: Performance Review of Social Media Implementation


An understanding of Windows and Internet Explorer

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Course Fee $320 $342.40

Terms & Conditions

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  • ST Electronics (e-Services) reserves the right to change the date or venue without prior notice.
  • ST Electronics (e-Services) reserves the right to cancel or reschedule the course due to class size or unforeseen circumstances.




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  Duration: 1 day
  Time: 9am to 6pm