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CADETS (Cyber Attack & Defence Exercise)


CADETS is a robust and realistic virtual environment for trainees to practise the cybersecurity tools and techniques learnt in our classroom lessons. CADETS offers a wide range of cyber attack and defence scenarios to ensure that our trainees leave the classroom with adequate practical application of their classroom learning.


Blue Team VS Red Team Training

You may be familiar with the term blue team training or red team training. At CADETs, we provide such effective simulations that cast participants as hackers and defenders in a live attack scenario. Typically, the red team take the role of the attacker and the blue team will have to respond.



  • Customizable virtual environments
  • Single server to entire enclave network
  • Ability to model servers, workstations and network hardware
  • Realistic architecture for testing and evaluation



  • Build, practice and test end-to-end protection and prevention processes as Blue Team
  • Exercise against Red Team in full-on cyber attack lifecycle scenarios
  • Cyber attack lifecycle scenarios built by White Team
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