Data Analytics – What It Really Means

Data analytics is the backbone of smart cities like Singapore and corporations are leveraging this powerful tool to optimise business goals. Learn more.


Project Management – Achieving Results with Agility

Creativity has reached all highs in this century – businesses are finding new ways to stay afloat amid rising competition in a market of ideas, products and solutions. What then brings about such innovations and how do organisations keep developing successfully in order to meet consumer demands against changing market conditions?


The New Generation of Data Analytic Tools You Can Use to Gain Customer Insights

Technology has its many advantages, but one drawback is that it helps drive up the competition. No matter what industry you find yourself in, there’s going to be no monopoly of service or product. This is why more and more businesses have been employing a customer-centric approach to stand out from among the pack.


The Vital Role of Data Analytics in Workplace Risk Management

Even if big data analytics only entered the business lexicon recently, the concept has been around since forever. Of course, back then, people were manually crunching and analyzing numbers on log books and spreadsheets.


The Evolution of Cyber Security in the Age of Digital Transformation

Cyber criminals have plagued enterprise networks ever since the internet was in existence, and for varying purposes, whether it be for personal gain or for the sheer sake of infamy, yet often with no definite objective or motivations. While the internet can be utilized for cross-network collaborations among various platforms, it is also lays the groundwork for a wide range of complications.


Project Management: 4 Ways Effective Communication Management Brings Value to Businesses

Adopting an effective communication management is crucial to the success of any organization. In fact, it can be considered as the foundational element that becomes the building block of all the functions of the business. A project manager should learn the basics of delivering the message down the line to ensure there’s no room for confusion in all stages of the project delivery—conceptualizing, planning, organizing, testing, and implementing.


7 Reasons to Become a Certified Network Defender

Network administrators are experts in network environments and components like network topology, protocols, IP addresses, traffic, etc. When equipped with adequate network security skills, organizations can defend themselves from vicious attacks caused by vulnerabilities in the network. The Certified Network Defender (C|ND) is a credentialing program offered by EC-Council for network administrators to equip themselves with security skills by protecting, defending, and responding to threats on the network.


The Impact of Project Management Software Utilization on Project Performance

Digital disruption has become the sexy term that’s been going around nowadays. But it’s more than an abstract concept considering that its impacts are now being felt by industries (some more so than others) in Singapore even if some are not aware or are ignoring the massive changes caused by technology. Along with the obvious need to catch up with the new technology, security is also an issue now which is why it’s good that some companies are sponsoring their employees to cybersecurity training in Singapore to enhance their skills.