E-learning and Mobile Learning

Content and Curriculum Development with Learner Centric Instructional Design

Performance Management Consultancy and Training

Serious Games and Virtual Reality Learning

Competency Framework Design and Development

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We provide Integrated and Innovative Learning Solution:

  • Develop Competency thru conducting comprehensive Learning Needs Analysis (LNA) to establish the target learners’ baseline knowledge versus intended level of knowledge transfer and application and Contextualized Curriculum is designed and developed to close the gaps in knowledge and skills identified.
  • Apply the ADDIE model of instructional design in content design and development and innovatively embedded learning technologies and pedagogiesin our Curriculum and Content Development.
  • Provide learning environment that is as close to real working model as possible which will be realistically applicable at your workplace through a multi modal learning strategy ranging from classic face to face learning to e-learning, blended learning, social learning, virtual learning, augmented reality and simulation.
  • Leverage on the New Kirkpatrick 4-level of Evaluation, using measurements of performance improvement as indication of training effectiveness and demonstrate the value of training.
  • Partnering Saba Software, Inc., Saba’s learning software sets the standard for Learning Management Systems (LMS). Built on a global cloud platform and with Saba’s flexible learning catalog, sophisticated workflow engine, and highlyconfigurable applications, company can easily implement and manage any learning strategy, compliance, continuing education, customer and partner learning, leadership development, skills development, and much more.
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